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2022 Summer Trends

by Jessica Anthony


There’s an old saying that “what goes around comes around,” and it is certainly true of fashion trends… and fashion trends at camp to boot—especially if those boots are Crocs or Hokas! We’re here to bring you what’s trending with both our campers and summer staff.


Let’s get started! Pull out your jibbitz because, you guessed it: Crocs made the list! Think it couldn’t get any better? Try Crocs — elevated! That’s right, the higher the better. We are seeing platforms on everything from Converse sneakers and Crocs to Tevas, dress sandals (on Friday nights only, of course), and more!


Shoes still on the brain? Our camps are seeing that “On Cloud” sneakers are a huge hit this summer too! According to their website, these running shoes have a “highly adaptive sole that reduces muscle fatigue and lowers heart rates.” The idea is that it feels like you’re running on clouds, but did we mention they’re stylish too? Our staff must be on to something.


According to summer staff and campers alike, hair tinsel is making a strong comeback! Not only that, but beaded braids are too! Think “friendship bracelet meets Cancun vacation hair” and you get the idea. And why not? What a fun and festive way to add some personality into your ‘do! 


Up next we have the “belt bag” phenomenon sweeping the camps, but don’t call them a “fanny pack” — these bags are mostly worn cross-body and come in a variety of cool colors. Want a cool belt bag that also counts as Pine Cove swag? Check out these one-of-a-kind Cotopaxi Pine Cove bags in the camp store!


Last, certainly not least, and definitely not new, all things thrifted or vintage are making their comeback. We’re loving how the creativity and spunk of our staff and older campers are breathing fresh air back into old trends. A trend that is sustainable and environmentally responsible as well? “That’s incredible—we love it!” We’re also loving that they’re most likely wearing clothes that were made before they were born.


Posted Jun 28, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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