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2022 Youth Camp Bible Study Preview

by Pine Cove


There’s no question that camp is fun. Serious fun. But first and foremost, Pine Cove is Christ-centered. The best way we can do that is to be in the Word — both individually as staff and collectively with our campers. Here is a preview of what each youth camp will be covering this summer with their cabins. We can’t wait to dig into these with your campers and hope they will be encouraging to you too!

This year’s Bible Study will provide campers with five stories of different people in the Bible who drew near to God. Drawing Near is the action of intentionally remembering God’s nearness to us. As we draw near to Him, we experience His love for us, delight in us, and His overwhelming joy.

The Lord uses people “just like us” throughout the Scriptures to change the world for His purposes and glory. We will be walking through certain individuals’ lives in Scripture who had some of the same struggles that we have today. We will see that they were people “just like us” and the Lord used them anyway. Just like He can use you and me.

We’ll be walking through the book of Ecclesiastes studying how we as humans so often chase after a meaningful life in things that are fleeting. We’ll be juxtaposing the wisdom of Ecclesiastes with the life that Jesus offers us in the Kingdom of God and how Jesus is the fulfillment to a life of true meaning. Please be praying John 10:10 alongside us—that campers would take Jesus up on His offer of abundant life as the Good Shepherd!

Our theme is going to explore what is true of our lives: without God, our life is a desert, while being with God is Paradise. Just as water brings life to the dry ground, so God’s presence brings life to the human soul. We will look at how this picture is painted all throughout the Bible, and how the sacrifice of Jesus is bringing water back to the desert. We hope this study helps us regain our thirst for the “water of life,” which is God’s presence with us.

We’ll look at several passages that contrast what following Jesus is like with what it is like to not follow Him. The Bible uses lots of contrasts, which will help our campers clearly see the fruit of following Jesus!

We will be encouraging kids to view their life and their faith through a biblical lens rather than a cultural one. We want kids to see God for who He really is and what it is like to really follow Him. Our topics throughout the week are Really God, Really Truth, Really Faith, Really Love, and Really Life.

We are walking through Psalm 23 this summer to learn about who our Good Shepherd is and what He does for us, His sheep. We will walk through truth that allows us to declare “I Shall Not Want” in the midst of any circumstance!

Christ died and rose again for us! When we put our trust in Him to reign over our lives, we are brought into a relationship with Him that gives us salvation. Through that relationship, Christ also brings us into or gives us access to some amazing things that we get to live and walk in during our time on earth.

Seeing God clearly—understanding the way God views us, and therefore the way we view God—is the most important thing about us. This is your “FRAME” – your perspective, the way you think. How God sees you, and therefore, how you see God. This summer, It’s time to get a new way to think. It’s to let Jesus reFRAME your heart and mind.

Posted Apr 28, 2022

Pine Cove

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