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2023 Camper Quotes

by Karissa Pitaniello


One of our favorite things about summer is getting a front-row seat to all God has in store for His people through their time at camp. We want you to enjoy that too! Read along to see what the Lord has been up to this summer at Pine Cove.

“God showed me that He doesn’t just show love, but is love.” 

“I desire Him more than anything now.” 

“I have been finding pleasure in all kinds of things instead of Christ. I struggled believing He would always be there for me. After coming here, I learned that God truly gives me joy that will satisfy me for forever. He is the only one who will fulfill. We can always have His love for forever.”

“God is really special because He is the greatest person in the world.”

“My best friend died a few years ago. I’ve been running from everything since then. This week, I felt like God has called me closer to Him and to stop running.”


“Lies tell us we have to be good enough for God, but the truth is He couldn’t love us any more or less for what we do. It is about our hearts. We have to seek and put Him first.”

“I decided to actively pursue the Lord through His Word. I figured out what being a Christian truly means!” 

“I don’t have to earn forgiveness of my sins with a big spiritual resume because Jesus gave me forgiveness for free.”

“No matter how much I have felt self conscious, I know I have been created beautifully by God and He will always think that.”

“God showed me that He doesn’t just love me, He likes me. He wants to be my friend and get to know me like a friend.”


“I always thought I was pursuing Jesus so I could go to heaven, but that is just a bonus. The real treat is having a relationship with God.”

“Coming to camp is the most joyful place I’ve ever been to. Even better than Disneyland. Just imagine what Heaven is going to be like!”

“Your identity is not the list of mistakes you have made, but what God says about you. No one can take that away.”

“Love from the world leads to a foundation that is easily shaken, but love from God will lead to a salvation that will never fail.”

“I can’t rely on myself in hard times, I need to rely on God.”


“Jesus takes ordinary people and uses them for extraordinary reasons.”

“Things on earth don’t matter when we are in heaven with God.”

“Everyone deals with struggles and insecurities – I am not alone.”

“Before I came this week, I was really pouring into the things of the world and looking for the approval of others. I was nervous to go into high school, but this week I learned that I have the approval of the Lord and He is the only one who counts.”


Join us in asking the Lord to continue to transform lives throughout Pine Cove!

Posted Jul 26, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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