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2023 New Activity Classes!

by Karissa Pitaniello


Every second of Pine Cove is filled with fun and intentionality! One of our favorite ways to combine the two are through… activity classes! Campers are able to let their guards down, try new things, make memories with their cabin mates, and sometimes even go all-in in competitions. We believe that shared experiences build trust, which is why we prioritize making sure our campers have a blast in each activity class! Check out some of our favorite activity classes happening this summer.

Puppy Yoga

Are you stressed after having a long, awesomely fun day at camp? Stop by “Puppy Yoga” at Silverado to decompress and play with your furry friends! 

Splash Pad

Campers have been soaking up (get it?) all the fun at Silverado’s new splash pad! Aim water at your new camp friends while keeping an eye out for the giant water tower that’s ready to pour over! 

Flow Rider

Surf’s up all summer long at the Ridge! Hop onto your board and see if you have what it takes to tackle their new Flow Rider.

Slip ‘N’ Slide Kickball

The Ranch is taking the fun up a notch by combining two (let’s count ‘em!) camp favorites: kickball and slip ‘n’ slides! Challenge your cabinmates to see if your team can slide into home base! 

Sand Volleyball

Kick off your shoes to bump, set, and spike at the Timbers new sand volleyball court—all while enjoying lakeside view! 

Hurricane Boards

It’s time to buckle your helmet on! The Timbers campers are riding in style all across property on the new Hurricane Boards! 

Lackawanna Falls

Make a SPLASH this summer at the Timbers by taking a trip down Lackawanna Falls! Race your friends down the slide or just put your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Wake Park

Crier Creek just got a new wake park system to bring your summer fun to the next level! Hop on a tube with your cabinmate or strap on your wake board to glide across the lake. 

Three-Person Swing

This new activity is sure to make you say, “AHHHH!” Head over to the Towers to buckle into the three-person swing!

Indoor Ropes Course

A classic camp activity just got cooler! The Springs’ new indoor ropes course is equipped with seriously fun challenges and refreshing air conditioning. 

We are so excited for our campers to enjoy these (and more!) fun activity classes all summer long! Which class would you choose for campers choice?

Posted Jun 23, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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