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New 2023 Full-Time Camp Staff

by Karissa Pitaniello


We are itching for the camp gates to be open, and we want YOU to know who will be waiting for you on the other side! Introducing… our new 2023 full-time camp staff members! Each of them are eager to serve you and help make this your best summer yet! 

Liam “Butter” Moore is newly married and ready to see what the Lord does this summer as the Bluffs Men’s Director! After serving on summer staff at the Timbers for multiple summers, Liam was eager to join the full-time team. Liam graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Youth Ministry degree, loves golf, and is a dual citizen in the United States and Canada (ask him about it!). Welcome, Butter! 


Julia “Dovey” Sayles is eager to shepherd the female staffers and campers this summer as the Springs Women’s Director! Julia grew up a dedicated horse girl as she competed across the nation for 10 years and owned four (let’s count em!) different horses! She thinks the best way to spend an evening is with a fun concert, while still getting to bed as early as possible! But don’t worry, she will be rested up and all in for late-night talks with her staffers this summer! Lovely to meet you, Dovey!


Emmanuel “Cloudy” Muyia is kicking off this summer as the Woods Men’s Director! Emmanuel was born in Eldoret in Kenya and moved to the States when he was just six months old. He spent three summers on staff at the Towers which he says, “was a huge part of growing into a man after God’s own heart.” Now Emmanuel is honored to usher in that same experience for his staffers and campers! We’re grateful you’re here, Cloudy! 


Hannah “Clogs” Young is fired up to step into this summer as the City Site Director for Team Frontier! Hannah was a foreign exchange student in Germany in high school (talk about a fun fact!) before studying Music Education at Baylor and spending three summers on staff with City. She is most excited to “walk alongside college students as the Lord molds and shapes them through camp.” We’re excited for you, Clogs!


Colin “Sneaky Pete” Post has spent every summer of his life at Pine Cove! Having freshly completed the Forge, he is ready to keep his summer filled with camp as he steps into being the Ridge Men’s Director! Colin is a Starbucks-loving extrovert who graduated from Texas Christian University where he studied Journalism. Welcome to the Ridge, Sneaky Pete! 


Christin “Chunky Nug” Meler graduated from Dallas Baptist University and after completing the Forge prayed earnestly for a job that was “fun, people-focused, and built God’s kingdom.” Talk about hitting the jackpot! Christin spent three summers on staff with Pine Cove City and will now serve as a City Site Director for Team Alpine. She is a rock-climbing fanatic who loves to read and play Rummikub with friends. Have a blast this summer, Chunky Nug! 


Will “Wheeze” Dorris spent four summers working at the Ridge when he wasn’t busy studying Marketing at Louisiana Tech! This summer he’ll serve as the City Site Director for Team Boulder! Will is pumped to continue investing in friendships that Pine Cove has given him. He loves to travel and play pickleball with friends (heads up—he’s left handed! So you definitely want him on your team). Welcome, Wheeze! 


Caroline “Volly” Coon was enrolled at the University of Tennessee (where she went for undergrad, go Vols!) to earn her masters in School Counseling. But before her graduate program began, the Lord changed her plans and instead she joined the Chimney Point full-time team as the Women’s Director! Caroline loves family time at the lake and cheering on the Vols. She also spent four years studying American Sign Language! Caroline is fired up to serve this summer and equip people to know and walk with Jesus. Hey there, Volly! 


Marc “Captain Frog Hook” Wood joined Pine Cove’s full-time staff in 2023 as the Silverado Men’s Director after serving three summers on summer staff. Marc is from Belton, Texas but found his way to Texas A&M where he graduated with a degree in Business Management. He and his wife, Rachel, got married in 2022.


Kate “Dingo Baby On The Beat” Blocker spent three summers serving high schoolers at the Shores, and now she is pumped to continue ministering to high schoolers, but this time… at the Ridge as Women’s Director! She is a fan of bookstores, the Texas Longhorns, and sleeping in, but she is an arch nemesis of mashed potatoes and other mushy foods. Nice to meet you, Dingo! 


Brooks “UNO” Howard started his time on summer staff at the Ranch where he served for three summers before joining Pine Cove’s full-time staff in 2022 as the Springs Men’s Director. He is from Franklin, Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Business Management.


Kara “Crashy” Caughran served four summers on summer staff during which she “fell in love with watching the way the Lord transformed the lives of campers and staff.” Now, she’s excited to continue to watch the Lord move as she steps into being the Towers Women’s Director! Kara graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Elementary Education. Fun fact: her first name and middle name (Te) combined spell “Karate” (HI-YA)! Welcome, Crashy!


Brady “Dunks” Green serves as the City Site Director for Team Edge. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Human Relations and worked for five summers at the Ranch before joining the full-time team at City in 2022.


Matt “Best Cow” Williams serves as the City Site Director for Team Legacy. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business Management and worked for two summers at the Shores and one summer at the Springs before joining the full-time team at City in 2022.


Posted May 1, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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