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2023 Staff New Year’s Resolutions

by Karissa Pitaniello


A new year includes the excitement of what is to come! Enjoy reading about what some of our staffers hope to accomplish this year. Some are fun and some are more serious—all are a reminder that self-discipline and dependance on God go hand-in-hand!

I’ve recently gotten back into reading and I love it! I read 30 books in 2022, so my goal is 35 for 2023! Always accepting book recommendations! – Kylie ‘Bonsho’ Witcher, Silverado Women’s Director

One resolution I have going into the New Year is to prioritize at least 8 hours of sleep a night – I’m hoping that even pursuing this little thing is a real and daily realization of my limitations as a human being and my need for God. – Conor ‘Flow’ Barry, Ridge Camp Director 

I have never been a runner, but this past Fall I decided to start training for a 5K and began to enjoy running more and more! My goal for 2023 is to run a half marathon at a 10 minute pace. – Parker ‘Boomer’ Shinsky, Communications Project Coordinator 

I plan to read through the whole Bible this year and also read 27 books in my 27th year- Ellie ‘Bluefish’ Graziadei, Associate Director of Recruiting 

My goal is to go on 23 adventures in 2023! It can be small adventures like trying a new hobby or big adventures like white water rafting or a trip to a new place! – Kay ‘Sugar Plum’ Manley, Registrar

My big goal for this year is to read 20 books. I love to read, but don’t prioritize it very often so I am looking forward to getting this done in 2023! – Faith ‘Flora’ Courville, Risk and Safety Coordinator 

This year I am planning to do a couple of things! I am challenging myself to work out five times a week. I also plan to read the Bible in a year again, I’m going to memorize the book of Philippians, and every day of the year I’m going to write down a moment of joy from the day! – Shania ‘T-Dak’ Banks, Registrar

This year I plan to be more disciplined about screen time by doing a media fast for 4 hours every weekend. I also hope to read at least 12 books by reading for 15+ minutes every night! – Landon ‘Rhymes and Dimes’ Fink, Towers Men’s Director 

In 2023 I plan to start my small business, and work on not living for the approval of others! I also want to prioritize spending at least 30 minutes per day doing something that makes me feel alive (like taking a walk, art, or even as simple as taking a nap)! Lastly, I want to spend more time my dog Micah since I love her so much! – Miranda ‘Treat Yo Self’ Lehman, Shores Associate Director 

I plan to prioritize listening to others more! I also hope to read at least 15 books. – Avery ‘Queen Juice’ Fink, Shores Women’s Director

What a year it could be! Whether you have multiple resolutions or you’re just excited to see what The Lord has in store, we pray that this year brings sweet memories and lots of fun!

Posted Jan 3, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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