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2023 Staff Orientation Recap

by Pine Cove


Orientation week happens each summer so that staffers can get to know each other and the Pine Cove Way! There’s always sure to be some serious fun happening at camp, especially when our summer staffers are building friendship as they prepare for a summer of service. Enjoy this glimpse into orientation week this year!

Things are going great at the Bluffs! We got some projects done and are ready for families to show up! It was awesome to have the whole Bluffs team together and to get ready for this summer of ministry! – Liam “Butter” Moore, Bluffs Men’s Director

Things are amazing at the Ridge! We have enjoyed catching up with returners and getting to know our new staff! A big focus of orientation for us has been going over our three core values as a staff for this summer: tasting and seeing, joyfully sacrificing, and living dumbfounded. Per usual, the wake park, the various lake activities, and our gym (Big Bend) are all ready to go for activity classes. In addition, we’ve made major upgrades to our game room, the Pinnacle! We are most excited, though, about our newest activity—the flow rider! We just put water in, and we can’t wait to see campers and staff ride the wave! The Lord is already moving in big ways here at the Ridge. We are stoked for campers to arrive and for the Gospel to be shared! – Colin “Sneaky Pete” Post, Ridge Men’s Director

Things are going great at the Timbers! We had a lake party celebrating our new racing water slide for our Lake Lackawanna! We also had an awesome Club led by our worship team, and our camp director Roc gave a talk on Godly decision-making. Pickleball and gaga ball have been going non-stop during breaks! – Caleb “Sink or Swim” Howard, Timbers Men’s Director

Orientation has been so great! Our staff is having a blast learning what it looks like to work at Pine Cove and to serve Jesus! They are all in on the mission of sharing Jesus with high school campers. Shores 2023 summer staff are locked in and ready to go! – Hayden “Mr. Polar Bear” Weaver, Shores Men’s Director

We are rockin’ over here at Silverado! The Lord is moving in awesome ways! Energy has been so high, and we are so, so, SOOOOOO amped about camp starting in a couple days!
Our splash pad is now fully operational (so exciting), and we also have a new slide that looks incredible! – Marc “Captain Frog Hook” Wood, Silverado Men’s Director

At Chimney Point we’ve been selling funny names, knocking out projects, and two of our staffers found out their grandpas are cousins! – Michael “Deli” Miller, Chimney Point Men’s Director

Things at the Woods are going really well! We’ve loved playing the name game, of course, and have been working hard to make camp look great for campers. We also have had lots of time to be with the Lord and be prayerful so that this is His summer, not ours. We’ve had lots of cool opportunities for our staffers to have their souls replenished and empowered by the Lord. We’re ready to jump into a summer of serving! – Emmanuel “Cloudy” Muyia, Woods Men’s Director

Man, orientation at Crier Creek was amazing! Our staff seem to be more unified than I have seen in years, and camp is in great shape! We are PUMPED for campers to be here! – Marshall “Swole Ciy” Wallace, Crier Creek Men’s Director

Posted May 30, 2023

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