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2024 Family Camp Devotional Reveal!

by Pine Cove


Hey families!

We are rapidly approaching the summer, and that means we are eagerly anticipating your arrival at camp! We are so excited to see you all, and are praying for you all as you prepare to end this school year. As you all work hard where you are, know that we are also hard at work getting camp ready for you to be here!

This year’s theme for the summer is WALK, coming from Galatians 5:25, which says,

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

In an age where knowledge is more accessible than ever, it is easy for us to quickly gain knowledge without ever putting it to action. Last summer we focused on the Truth found in the Word of God. This summer we are focusing on how that Truth should lead us to action, and what it looks like to walk with God. If we believe the Truth, it should change the way we walk. Each day, we will be looking at an aspect of walking in the Truth.

Monday – Walk in the Spirit

Tuesday – Walk in Faith

Wednesday – Walk Slowly

Thursday – Walk in Unity

Friday – Walk on Purpose

It is our prayer that your family would grow closer to each other and to the Lord as you contemplate how you walk. Lord willing, you will leave this summer more excited to walk with Him than ever before, and that He will transform your life one step at a time.

We can’t wait to have you here!

Posted Apr 10, 2024

Pine Cove

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