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2024 New Full-Time Staffers

by Karissa Pitaniello


Summer will be here before you know it, so we want to introduce you to our new full-time staff members! Most of these staffers are new to the full-time Pine Cove team, but you may see some familiar faces below! Read more about what roles they’re stepping into and what they’re excited for this summer.

Josh “Flynn” Green

Ranch Men’s Director


Meet Josh “Flynn Slider” Green! Josh made quite an entrance during his name game, as his uncanny resemblance to Flynn Rider from Tangled earned him the camp name. Josh is from Friendswood, Texas, and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University. He’s passionate about theology, one-wheeling, fishing, and loves hanging out with his Forge class friends (Class of ‘23 represent!). He’s a Pine Cove enthusiast, having grown up as a Woods camper—oh, and did we mention he can juggle? Welcome to the team, Josh!

Alex “Licks” Barnholdt

Crier Creek Men’s Director


Meet Alex Barnholdt, or “Finger Lickin’ Good!” His camp name isn’t just about his love of fried chicken—it’s also a tribute to his two years as a drummer at the Timbers. Alex is from Arlington, Texas, and he’s all about vintage sports t-shirts, AeroPress coffee, movie nights, and mastering the art of throwing the zip chip. Alex is eager to do life and ministry with college guys while helping deepen their faith journey. Welcome to the Pine Cove family, Licks!

Noah “Beef” White

Pine Cove City Delta Director


Introducing “Beef!” Noah White’s quirky camp name originates from a memorable steak-choking incident on a date, his big feet, and his distinctive Woody-from-Toy-Story-like country accent. Hailing from Ruston, Louisiana, and a graduate of Louisiana Tech University (where he played five seasons of football), Noah has strong Southern roots. He’s passionate about Lego-building, sports (particularly the Saints and Rangers), and his trusty Xbox. In his new role, Beef is excited to witness the remarkable work that the Lord accomplishes through Pine Cove City and work with Team Delta. Beef’s deep love for Pine Cove stems from childhood when it became his favorite place and a pivotal part of his faith journey. Noah recently tied the knot to his beautiful wife Sadie, and is excited to do ministry with her as they hit the road together this summer! Welcome, Beef!

Chloe “Barnaby” Baker

Woods Women’s Director


Meet Chloe “22 Barnaby Way Text Me” Baker. Her camp name is a fusion of her #1 Spotify song, an animated film project from art school, and a charming dating mishap. A Knoxville, Tennessee native, she stayed close to home, earning her degree in 4D Studio Arts from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Her current delights include drinking cinnamon vanilla lattes with oat milk and watching movies and logging them on Letterboxd! As the Women’s Director of the Woods, she looks forward to impacting campers’ lives as they take a break from their routines to build lifelong relationships with Jesus. Chloe is a passionate advocate for art, loving the way it brings us closer to the heart of God. Whether through photography, painting, pottery, or playing the guitar and piano, she embodies the creative spirit that God gave her. We’re glad you’re here, Barnaby!

Cam “Clout” Tovias 

Pine Cove City Alpine Director


Meet the newest addition to the Pine Cove full-time staff, Cam “Box Full of Clout” Tovias! His camp name is based on his love for Christmas and his favorite Christmas gift: AirPods! Otherwise known as… “A Box Full of Clout.” Cam grew up in the small town of Rotan, Texas, and is a proud Texas Tech University graduate—a West Texan through and through. Cam’s current favorites include coffee, Texas Tech, and thrifting for vintage polos. In his role as City Site Director for Team Alpine, he’s most excited about connecting with the staff and continuing to cherish Pine Cove’s faith-driven community that inspires him to live obediently for Jesus. Welcome, Cam!

Sydney “Vibe” Batten

Pine Cove City Kayak Director


Now introducing Sydney “The Vibe Has Broken” Batten! Her camp name was born from her passion for Survivor and the iconic phrase “The tribe has spoken.” Sydney is from Chattanooga, and also attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga! Her current favorites are card games, “The Golden Bachelor,” and iced matcha lattes. She spent last summer as an associate site director for Team Jungle, enjoying the close-knit team dynamic. Now she’s excited to learn from a new perspective of camp as the site director for City Kayak and continue to be a part of college students’ lives as she guides them in their faith journeys. Pine Cove is a place that has blessed her with incredible friendships and endless fun—and she’s ready for that to continue! Oh, did we mention she held an anaconda in the Amazon and ate a piranha? Nice to meet you, Vibe!

Grace “Hokolate” Read

Timbers Administrative Director


Meet Grace, “Hokolate Hip” Read! Her love for chocolate chip ice cream and an unusual opinion—the letter C should be banished—led to her unique name. Gracie is from Louisville, Kentucky, and she went to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Her current favorites include bike rides, espresso tonics, and card games with friends. Gracie is pumped to connect with Timbers campers as the administrative director and revel in the joy of summer. When not at Pine Cove, you’ll find Gracie rock climbing, biking, or mastering pickleball, all while exploring new foods and restaurants!

Anna Kate “Skiis” Inman

Bluffs Women’s Director


Last but never least, meet Anna Kate “Downhill Sthkiing” Inman! Her name is based on an embarrassing story that happening while skiing, mixed with the fact that she isn’t the best at water skiing. The “Sth” comes from her losing her two front teeth playing basketball and her major at Louisiana Tech being speech pathology. Anna Kate is a Louisiana native who loves pickleball, volleyball, traveling, and watching movies with her roomates. Her favorite treat is Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups made with sunflower seeds, and she’ll never turn down a LimonCello La Croix. She’s eager to invest in her staffers and continue to prioritize showing others that life with Christ is fun!

Posted Nov 7, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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