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April Fools Pranks of Pine Cove Past

by Chelsea Connor


It’s no secret we like to have fun around Pine Cove. We love skit characters, competitions, cheering for the Spirit Stick, and occasionally, we love a good April Fools prank. This year, we don’t have any pranks planned, but we thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and remember a couple of our favorites from years past. (Did we fool you?)

2014: A Hot Dog Company Buys Pine Cove Out

On April 1, 2014, we published a fake press release, announcing, Guggenheim Global Hot Dog Industries Buys Pine Cove Camps. International Hot Dog Leader Relishing the Buyout of Tyler, Texas-based Pine Cove Camps for Estimated 1.5 Million Franks.


Among the excitement, we also announced that Pine Cove “will now also be known for its beef-filled delectable hot dog varieties and mouth-watering homemade hot dog buns. Campers will soon have maximum choices for camp meals that include every type of hot dog and topping you could imagine.”

Surely we had a few campers relishing their future hot dog options at lunch, right? And check out that Blob!


2015: Camp at Your House!

On April 1, 2015, we made the announcement that we’d be bringing Pine Cove into people’s homes. Here was part of the description:

“Ordinarily, families come to Pine Cove for a week during the summer to get away from the distractions of their everyday lives. Now we have the opportunity to reverse that and do the exact opposite: bring the Pine Cove experience straight into families’ kitchens and living rooms! This program will allow Pine Cove to get in there and really amp up the crazy — almost like a camp exploded in your living room.”

Who wouldn’t want camp to explode in your living room?

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These were super fun for us to put together, and they were hilarious to watch unfold on social media throughout the day. Did people fully fall for these pranks? Do you remember falling for them?

No worries, we revealed by the end of the day that these were, in fact, April Fools jokes. But we all got a good laugh out of them!

Posted Mar 20, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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