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Awesome Theme Nights You Can Do at Home

by Caroline Reyes

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You CAN do theme nights at home! Your backyard can become a football field, your house can turn into an obstacle course, and your living room can become a dance floor! Read below for some super fun at home theme night ideas—complete with costumes!

The Great Adventure

Cue that Stephen Curtis Chapman classic. Have a blast running around your house or neighborhood with this scavenger hunt!

Dress Code

From Indiana Jones to a frontier cowboy or cowgirl, dress up as your favorite explorer!


Draw or place a hidden star on the ground somewhere in or outside of your home.

How To
  • Print off this PDF of our Great Adventure Scavenger Hunt.
  • Pair up into teams of two (or you can do the hunt as individuals, but it’s more fun in pairs)!
  • Set a time limit.
  • Whoever gets the most points in the time limit wins!

Pitch Black Attack

It’s a classic Pine Cove night game of epic proportions.

Dress Code 

Put on your dark clothes or camouflage to stay hidden from the Posse!

How To
  • Get your camo ready: Campers put on whatever “PBA” gear you have available. We recommend dark colors or camouflage, but anything works! Posse members feel free to put on a fun costume as well. 
  • Create checkpoints and get creative: Use your kitchen, bathroom, garage, spare bedroom. Anything goes! Write your four unique checkpoints on each team’s PBA scorecard. Also, create one central location that campers have to go back to if they get caught by the Posse, known as the HQ. Make sure the house is dark and everyone has flashlights! 
  • Figure out how to get past the Posse: Campers, get creative working your way around the Posse. This is where the fun happens—tricking the Posse into thinking that you’re not campers!
  • Posse – spread out around the house: A couple of Posse members should have a pen to mark creativity scores when a camper completes a checkpoint or gets sent back to the HQ. Posse members: if campers don’t have a good alibi for sneaking around, you send them to the HQ because they’re obviously campers! If they DO have a good alibi and “trick you,” give them a creativity score from 1-10 and send them on their way because obviously they’re not campers.
  • Campers – get to each checkpoint as creatively as you can: Try to sneak to each checkpoint without getting caught. If you do, try your best to trick the Posse into thinking you’re not campers. Once you have made it to each checkpoint successfully, you can either head back to the HQ or go back to distract the Posse until every team finishes and the game ends. You can play for however long you would like—the more creative you get, the more fun games will be!
  • Campers: Print out your score card.

Backyard Tailgate

Head over to our Tailgate Party blog for an amazing theme night in a box!

A Night Under the Stars

Tonight your family gets to eat out… and by that we mean outside! We’ve planned a VERY fancy candlelit dinner party. It’s a night under the stars! Eating outside is by no means a requirement to have a dress up dinner party, but it may be a fun twist on the normal dinner routine. 

Dress Code

Put on your fanciest get-up and dress to impress!

  • Simply set up your dinner table like always (maybe with a few fancier plates!) but just in your backyard
  • Put out a tablecloth and light a few candles on the table
  • String up some Christmas lights in the backyard
  • Play a classy playlist with some jazz and instrumental tunes
  • Don’t worry about the meal itself being fancy! It’s all about the vibes.
How To
  • Start the evening by “seating” everyone at the table. Gentlemen, walk the ladies to their chairs and hand them a flower if you can!
  • Once the meal begins, have one or two family members volunteer to serve everyone at the table
  • Enjoy dinner conversation and the evening breeze
  • After the meal, kids—do you parents a solid and take care of the dishes! Let them hang outside and enjoy a few minutes of the evening. This could be a huge blessing to them!
After the meal, you have a few options.
  • Check out a few YouTube videos and learn some new dance moves like the Jitterbug or the Two Step.
  • Watch a movie together and don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Play a board game or two and have a fun family game night!

Ready, Set, Glow!

Get ready to have the hypest dance party—in your living room!

Dress Code

Anything neon or brightly colored. Anything fun and sparkly. Anything that will help you show off your best dance moves!

  • Just clear an area in your home to dance it out!
  • Turn out some lights to give it a party vibe (maybe hang some flashlights around for dance floor “spotlights”)
  • Get a portable speaker ready to rock and roll
  • Have a laptop ready in case you want to follow some of our dance tutorials
  • Use Pine Cove’s provided playlist, or make your own!
  • Maybe have a few glasses of water handy to hydrate… it can get wild out there!
How To

Learn some camp dances from our staff tutorials!

Crank up this classic playlist for a Pine Cove dance party where you can show off all those new dance skills, or just put on your favorite music and let loose!

Christmas Party

Head over to our Christmas Party blog for an amazing theme night in a box—no matter the season!

This Is The Greatest Show!

Show off your skills and keep the crowd entertained as each family member gives the performance of a lifetime.

Dress Code 

It’s your night—so wear anything you want!

  • Each family member prepares an act to perform in the variety show. It can be a musical performance, a magic trick, telling a joke, a dance routine, or anything that shows off the variety of your family’s skills. They can work on these during activity classes or free time!
  • Create a “stage” somewhere in your house. Anywhere there is a large space to move around. Maybe hang some bed sheets as curtains!
  • Set up a few chairs for audience members.
  • Pull up a few tracks for intro music and of course, an applause track to play after each performance!
  • Create a program for the event with the order the acts will be performed in if you’d like!
  • Maybe pick a family member to emcee the show and introduce each act.
How To
  • After dinner, let the show begin! Follow the program or just let each act volunteer one by one.
  • Don’t forget to record your acts so you’ll always remember them!
  • Cheer loud after each performance (“That’s incredible – we love it!”)—you’re so proud!

Hopefully one of our ideas helped spark your creativity. Have an amazing and seriously fun night in!

Posted Apr 20, 2020

Caroline Reyes

Alumni and Marketing Coordinator

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