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Theme Night in a Box: Christmas in July

by Valerie Morby

Theme Night in a Box: Christmas in July

Ain’t no party like a Pine Cove party! And the biggest parties at camp? Theme nights! We can’t keep all the fun for ourselves, though. We want to gather up some of our best ideas and share the fun with you! Introducing: Theme Nights in a Box. From time to time, we share how you can have all the fun of a Pine Cove theme night, right in your own home — starting with Christmas in July

That’s right, campers. Hear those sleigh bell jingling? It’s mid-summer, so that means Christmas in July is just around the corner! This special (and very real) holiday is a highlight every summer at Pine Cove, and July 25th wouldn’t be complete without us transforming each and every camp into a winter wonderland! Wander through any Pine Cove property from the Ridge to the Towers and you’ll find copious amounts of Christmas lights, paper snowflakes, and Santa hats (along with the glorious strains of Christmas carols) all throughout camp! Here are some awesome ways for you to join in on the holiday fun and Pine Cove-ize your July 25th.


Put a little holiday cheer in your July by throwing some summer and winter together in a blender! Pair a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, or elf ears with a Hawaiian lei and some flip flops. Or you know what your Christmas sweater has been missing? A grass skirt! If you’re feeling a bit more traditional, pull those Christmas jammies or Christmas onesies out of storage and wear them around the house—or out in public, if you’re feeling brave and extra festive!


Food is one of the easiest ways to transform an ordinary summer day into an extraordinary winter event! For lunch (don’t give me no bread, no bread!), serve up some delicious reindeer sloppy joes! An afternoon snack can consist of watermelon Christmas trees and Grinch fruit kabobs! For some extra Christmas-y dessert options, try some melted snowman sugar cookies or frozen hot chocolate! If nothing else, you can serve glasses of water to your family members and tell them it’s melted snow. Delicious and refreshing!


Our summer staffers stay up late decorating on Christmas in July Eve, but we understand you might not have your own little “elves” to help you deck the halls. But anyone can make giant paper snowflakes or pull a Christmas tree out of storage (two of our go-to’s at camp!). For a summer-y touch, why not make one of these funny flip flop wreaths? Of course, stringing up colored Christmas lights will always be a favorite. But the best combination of camp and Christmas that we could find? This awesome “twinkling lights bonfire!”


It’s not a Pine Cove theme night without some really solid games or activities, so you know we won’t leave you hanging! At Christmas in July celebrations at camp, you will definitely see tons of gingerbread house-building going on! Tip: use our go-to shortcut and use graham crackers instead of real gingerbread. 

If you’re looking for something to do outdoors, why not have a snowball fight? But instead of snow (because let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t have enough snow for that even in winter!), use a bunch of white water balloons! 

Another favorite idea of ours: Christmas carol-oke, where you all take turns in a Christmas music-themed karaoke competition and the winner gets a Christmas-themed spirit stick. 

Of course, the MOST Pine Cove thing you could do? Put on a skit, of course! Need an idea of where to start? Maybe a mischievous elf is here to steal Christmas away from July. The heroes can save the day and spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear!

We love the idea of turning your Christmas in July celebrations into a block party, so invite your neighbors and friends to come over and join in on the fun! The only other thing you need to turn your Christmas in July theme night up to 11 is a playlist—and you know we have you covered there as well. Check out a few of our favorite Christmas jams on Spotify

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you take this opportunity to put some winter-y Pine Cove cheer into your summer. Just dress the part, treat yourself, have a lot of fun, and invite friends to celebrate too! Merry Christmas in July!

Posted Jul 16, 2019

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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