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Bible Reading Plans

by Chelsea Connor


Most people are thinking through goals for 2018 now that it’s January, so it is also a popular time to think through a Bible reading plan for the year. No matter what type of plan you use, the most important part is making it a priority to get into the Word of God every day!

All of us are wired differently. For some people, having a 365-day plan to read through the Bible in a year is exactly what will motivate them. For others, reading a long chunk of text every day is overwhelming, and they would rather slow down and dive deeper into just a few verses a day, taking time to cross-reference.

The point is, find something that YOU will stick with. Maybe an app is practical for you, because you love a well-designed app and it’s with you all the time. Or, you might really like having a plan printed on paper you can hold in your hand. There’s no right or wrong way to do this!

There are more options than ever before right now for Bible reading plans (some are even printed in the back of your Bible!), but here are a few resources our staff would recommend:

ESV Reading Plans

There are seven different types of reading plans on this ESV website to print. Some are shorter, month-long reading plans, and some are a full year.

The Austin Stone Community Church

Austin Stone’s daily REAP (Read, Examine, Apply, Pray) method and reading plan are available online. Or download and print the pdf for their reading plan.

The Bible App

The Bible App (also known as YouVersion) is a free app download. There are tons of reading plans inside this app. You can even invite a friend through this app to read the same plan as you and discuss it together.

She Reads Truth/ He Reads Truth

She Reads Truth or He Reads Truth is a Bible study website and app with shorter topical and book studies going throughout the year. You can follow the devotions through the app or on the website, and they also offer well-designed printed study books to order in their shop.

Posted Dec 19, 2017

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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