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Shores Bible Study Theme: FAITHWORKS

by Taylor Jervis

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You’ve probably heard the saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Of course, this saying goes beyond just fishing.

I think there’s a problem in our Christian culture. Young believers aren’t spending time with Jesus in their daily lives.

Whether it’s because we’re lazy and just don’t care, or we are intimidated by the Bible and how to pray – we aren’t growing in our relationship with Jesus after professing our faith in him. We even use the excuse that we just can’t “find time” to read the Bible and pray. That’s a lie. You have to #MakeTheTime to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Another issue our Christian world is faced with is the lie that we are saved by being a good person, by doing good works. Only faith is Christ is what works for salvation – and that genuine faith will produce good works! This is what God wants us to know and believe in James 2.

Martin Luther said that “We are saved by faith alone but not by faith that is alone.” That pretty much sums it up.

So, our Bible theme at the Shores this summer is titled FAITHWORKS.

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We will be studying the book of James. The purpose of the book of James is to encourage young believers to spiritual maturity and living lives of holiness. (Hey, that’s you.)

This summer, I don’t want you to come to camp and just go through another Bible study. Our desire is that you learn how to study the Bible. Our hope is that you are discipled and trained in how to live life for Jesus outside of camp, in your daily life.

Don’t just wait until your time at camp to change and grow. The same God at camp is the same God outside of camp. I hope and pray that the same can be said about your faith!

See you soon at the gates of the Shores,

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Posted Apr 25, 2016

Taylor Jervis

Shores Camp Director

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