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Camp Puppies Rewind 2023

by Karissa Pitaniello


We are so grateful for everyone who participated in the Silverado and Towers puppy auction! It was a blessing to see these beloved dogs go home to their new families. We are thankful for the time our campers had with these sweet puppies, and for the proceeds from the adoptions that are going to our financial aid program, the McKenzie Scholarship Fund! This was an awesome opportunity for our elementary-age campers to learn the responsibility it takes to care for a dog. We love the team of breeders we get to work with year after year, and seeing the puppies thrive throughout the summer is a huge blessing to the staff and campers at the Towers and Silverado.

It really was a paw-some summer! Take a look at some of our cute pups, and learn what it’s like to be a Puppy Wrangler from one of our own!

“Each camper that came to the Puppy Palace was so eager to love on these pups. I was surprised to see how patient these puppies were with the campers, and how gentle the campers became when handling the puppies. Occasionally a camper would get nervous or afraid of these pups, but their cabin mates were so quick to encourage them alongside me. It truly made my heart sparkle to see how the Lord can love through these campers, and I seriously would not be the same without this experience. Being “Puppy Patrol” was the BEST, and I will never stop praising God for providing me with such a memorable summer!” – Sam ‘Puppy Patrol’ Farrell, Towers Puppy Wrangler

These are the families that took the best souvenir home with them—a puppy! At the end of summer, an auction took place for the puppies in hopes of placing each dog with a loving Pine Cove family. The money raised in the auction went directly toward the McKenzie Scholarship Fund so that even more campers can experience Pine Cove next summer. Follow along to meet new puppies next year and have the chance to take home your own!

Posted Aug 22, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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