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Camper Quotes

by Chelsea Connor


“Camper Share” is a long-held tradition at Pine Cove. On Fridays across most of our camps, including Camp in the City, campers have a chance to take the microphone and share what God taught them during their time at camp. Elementary-aged campers naturally share things a little different than high school campers, but we love it all! 

For example, there was a Camp in the City camper recently who shared, “My counselor’s cool. I like him. He makes me think of Pikachu.” Does it get more genuine than that? Also, this is probably the highest compliment a counselor could get!

Now that we are at the halfway point in the summer, we wanted to share with you some of the things campers have shared with us during those times. We’re truly so thankful we get front-row seats to everything the Lord is doing in the lives of campers this summer!

“Accepting Jesus into your heart is the best decision you can make.” -Silverado camper

“Even if you are scared and unsure, God will be by your side so you don’t have to worry.” -Silverado camper

“My counselor loves God and I like that the most about him.” -Camp in the City camper

“Jesus + nothing = everything.” -Camp in the City camper

“You can never be too lost for God to find you.” -Towers camper

“Lies tell us the things of this world will fulfill us, but the truth is only Jesus will fulfill us forever.” -Outback camper

“I learned to repent and walk away from sin.” -Ranch camper

“I’ve been a lot of places and this is the only one where I didn’t feel alone.” -Timbers camper

“Before I came here, I hated myself. My counselor and my friends here helped show me I have purpose. God showed me that I am worth it.” -Ridge camper

“Coming to camp is the most joyful place I’ve ever been to. Even better than Disneyland. Just imagine what heaven is going to be like!” -Ridge camper

“It’s been the most amazing and low-stress week that we have ever had.” -Chimney Point parent

“It’s been the best thing we have ever done as a family.” -Chimney Point parent

Posted Jun 26, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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