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Celebrating Christmas Twice a Year!

by Chelsea Connor


If you’ve ever been at camp on or around July 25th, you know it’s no average summer day. It’s Christmas in July! Since this day only falls once a summer, and usually on week 8 or week 9, we know there’s quite a few of you who have never experienced it. Here’s the thing—Christmas is SO fun in December, so we decided we might as well celebrate it in the dog days of summer too!

Enter, Christmas in July. It’s unclear how the tradition started at camp, and of course Pine Cove did not invent Christmas in July, but we definitely know how to celebrate it.

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Every camp enjoys the holiday with its own flair, but here are some highlights of what you might see at any given camp on Christmas in July:

  • Campers wearing their antler headbands on the swings
  • Hanging up a stocking for Jiggs!
  • Enjoying a classic Pine Cove dance party under hundreds of Christmas lights
  • Everyone sweating off a good five pounds in their awesome tacky Christmas sweater
  • Santa on the lifeguard stand 
  • Santa getting a little too hot in his Santa suit and jumping in the pool when no one’s looking
  • Intense cabin gingerbread house building competitions
  • Staff staying up way too late on Christmas in July Eve making giant paper snowflakes to decorate the dining hall
  • Christmas-themed cabin cheers at flag
  • Skit characters full of Christmas cheer
  • Skit character villains out to steal the Christmas cheer!
  • Red and green color wars

As you can tell, we love to go big for this holiday. Feel free to make your own Pine Cove-style Christmas skits to perform for your family this year! We’re sure they would love it.

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Posted Dec 4, 2017

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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