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Colorful Camp Names

by Anna Birch


As the leaves change color and our decor goes from bright summer colors to warm fall colors, we couldn’t help wondering what camp names are about colors. Here are some that grabbed our attention and of course made us laugh!

Let’s kick it off….

All the Colors of the Rainwhoa
Broseph and the Amazing Tiger Color Coat Hanger
Technocolor Yawn
Casting Crayons

Here are a few repping the color red:

Red Hot
Red Hot Chilli Missteppers
Nala Nala Red Pajama
Little Red
Red Gobblin… Yumm
Red, White, & Beluga
Red Hot Chili Stretcher
Red, White, and Blue Jeans
Big Red Wrapper
Red, Hike, and Blue
Red, White, and Blind
Red Rover, Red Rover, Kiss Me or the Shoe Will Go Over
Red Beats ‘n Rice
Red Hot Chili Wrecker
Red flash

Feeling “blue” lately? Here are some names to cheer you up!

Blue Steel
Stay Blue Pony Boy
Lovesick Blue
Blue Eggs and Can
Blue Pig Spewie
Blue Belle of the Beach Ball
Blue’s Clues
Bearfoot Bluejean Flight
House of Blues
Black n Blue, Imma Outstep You
1 Fish 2 Fish Catfish Bluefish
Blue Diamond in the Rough
Blue Tooth
Madame Blueberry
I’m Feline Blue
BlueBelly Button
Blue Belle
Blue Forehead 2 Down Peck Hike
Scooby Snoozie Blue
A Southern Blue Belle

Orange ya glad we have camp names here at Pine Cove?

Orange Chicken
Orange Crush
Orange You Glad It’s Grape

Hoping for a whiteout this Christmas? Here are a few names for you!

White Lightnin’
White Rocklate latte
White Dresscuse Me

Here are some names that include all the best colors of a sunset!

Tikled Peenk
Pinky and the Sprain
Pinky Prom-mess
Tickle Me Pink-guin
Pretty in Pinkachu
Pink Tights
Princess Pinkle
These Little Pinkies Fell Off
Pink Pantser
Pinky Scout
The Pink Panter
Pity in Pink
Purple Pillow Pest
Mellow Yellow
Yellow Subandscream
Yellow Card
Yellow Brick Road
Midnight Yellow
Yellow Mountains Majesty

Not all that glitters is gold… but these camp names sure are!

Golden Date Bridge
Rose Gold
If You Give a Golden a Stick
Goldie Flops
Golden Noodle
Seymour the Golden Easel
Golden Drumstickzzz
Gold Gummy Rapper
Goldie Lots Of Ice Cream
The Golden Goose
Golden Gate Cupcake
Goldy Flocks
Golden Corral
Ski Our Guest, Ski Our Guest Got a Golden Doodle #Blessed
The Golden Stitch
The Golden Nugget


Did we miss your favorite color-themed camp name? Share it below in the comments!

Posted Oct 20, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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