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Commission Camping: Life Moments from the Field

by Valerie Morby

Pine Cove in Costa Rica

With 180 Pine Cove staff members serving the Lord at camps throughout Latin America, there is no shortage of awesome stories to share! Thankfully we are able to keep up with all of these mission trips on each of their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here is just a taste of some of the fun and life-change that is going on across eight different countries right now!

Ranch Gautemala

“Our program director, Sergio, talked to me at dinner about the kids going to bed early. He thought they seemed tired and would need the extra sleep. I told him this was a great idea, and we could send them to bed after all the groups presented their cabin cheers.

Interesting turn of events, however.

We did the cabin cheers and it was “superWOW” in Sergio’s words. And then he asked the camp if they were tired…and all the kids that we thought were tired almost started to riot.

So we improvised.”
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Outback: Dominican Republic

“God’s love is constantly evident here at this camp. Not only in the hearts of the full time staff here at Cima de Rey, but in the hearts of the campers. Whether it be the campers plugging deep into God’s word during bible study, or praising his awesomeness during worship, God is present here. He is doing such wonderful work here in the Dominican Republic and it is a great honor to witness it firsthand.”
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Latin America Scenic

Camp in the City: Costa Rica

“While we waited for the driver, the campers pulled down their bus windows and reached their hands out to us so we could share one last embrace or maybe do a handshake one last time before we left. It was an extremely bittersweet time for our staff, and a time that will be forever engrained in our minds when we think of our trip to Camp Tang. The wheels slowly started to turn as the bus backed out of camp and we gave them one last gauntlet. We chanted, “we love you” in Spanish and meant it with everything we had. One of the last images of those children that our staff has was one camper who was crying as they left. It broke our hearts but also was reassuring that Christ’s love was shown through our actions and what little words we did have to share with those children.”
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Silverado: El Salvador

“I had Wendy in my cabin. She was very defiant at the beginning and wouldn’t listen to me. She would get upset with me and not talk to me. I began to pray for her and ask how to love her and build relationship with her before she left. Yesterday she didn’t want to play cause her feet were hurting. So we sat in the swings and talked about how she accepted Christ. We exchanged words about how that happened to each of us. I hoped that was a doorway to a friendship. Then today she wouldn’t leave me alone! She was happy to be around me and when she left I gave her my name for Facebook and she wrapped her arms around me asking me if she could not leave.”
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Posted Jan 8, 2014

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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