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Commission Camping: Stories from the Field

by Valerie Morby

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With 175 Pine Cove staff members serving the Lord at camps throughout Latin America, there is no shortage of awesome stories to share! Thankfully we are able to keep up with all of these mission trips on each of their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here is just a taste of some of the fun and life-change that is going on across eight different countries right now!

Camp in the City Costa Rica

“One of our Tico leaders brought the evening message, which was about keeping the Lord number one in your life, above all other things! The message ended in prayer with individual cabins. While sitting in the back, I could already see the bonds forming with the campers and the counselors. It shows just how powerful God is! Despite the language barrier, these children are able to see Christ’s love through the smiles, hugs, cheers, and games of futbol.”
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missions camp in costa rica

Crier Creek Panama

“After dinner, we played Operation Infiltration with the whole camp. We weren’t sure how successful we would be with a small space to work with and so many campers. They LOVED it. We told the cabins they must travel together and if caught by the infiltration force they just disguise themselves in order to move forward and reach their checkpoint. Seeing camp filled with high schoolers disguised as cats, dogs, birds, wolves, Justin Beiber, dancers and more was the most entertaining thing ever.”
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Shores Argentina

“The Lord does not need us to do His work, but I am so thankful that He uses us. It is a humbling experience to be unable to communicate the gospel with our words. But we are called to do much more than just speak the gospel, we are called to live it.”
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missions shores argentina

Towers Honduras

“Kadri mentioned to the group that it was hard to talk to one of his campers about what they like because neither one can speak the other’s language. However, his camper then expressed: “I like Jesus” and Kadri then replied with: “Man, me too!” People, it’s conversations like these that are happening all over camp! Simple joys of the campers joking with their American counselor and bringing them in that gives our counselors access to love them well and show them, Jesus.”
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Outback Dominican Republic

“It’s easy to think that all of the differences between camp at home and the one here would be hindering to us being engaged, but we are learning that the opposite is true. We know camp. We have learned how to love kids well. He has equipped us to know these things and implement them here. It’s been amazing to see that being refreshed by the truth that we have the gospel spread amongst us as a team and then trickle down through the national team as the day went on.”
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Missions Outback Dominican Republic

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Posted Jan 7, 2015

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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