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Commission Camping: Trip Stories

by Valerie Morby

Camp in the City Panama

With 162 Pine Cove staff members currently serving the Lord at camps throughout Latin America, there is no shortage of awesome stories to share! Thankfully we are able to keep up with all of these mission trips on each of their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here is just a taste of some of the fun and life-change that is going on across eight different countries right now!

Towers Nicaragua

“After bible study, the Nicaraguans had a surprise for us! When they saw pictures on our Facebook page last summer of the buffalo hunt (our giant mud fight) during our Towers summer camp, they decided to make a mud pit of their own, and the campers loved it just as much as the ones back home do! It was a blast seeing so many smiling facing and hearing so much laughter from all of the campers during these games!”
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Silverado Paraguay

“I continue to be reminded on this trip how truly big our God is. No matter if you live in Paraguay or the USA or speak English, Spanish, or Portuguese, He is the same God to all. He hears us all the same and cares for us all so much that He not only sent His son to die for us but to care enough to give us a way to serve His kingdom through His power and will. We do not deserve any of this but because He has graciously given it to us we give it all we have. This is why we are here because our King has put this in front of us, the Creator of us, Paraguay, the world, and even the universe, and we will give all we physically, emotionally, and spiritually can through Him for His glory and His kingdom!”
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Camp in the City Costa Rica

“We rejoice and find peace in our brokenness as Costa Rica shows us a great example of what community looks like! It’s my first time having campers from the age of 13-18 and to see that there are people in a different country, that are equally if not more so, in love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly eye-opening. It’s encouraging to know that we are not alone on this journey and that one day we’ll all be able to sing glory to God in heaven!”
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Bluffs/Woods El Salvador

“It was so cool to see our kids mimic what they had seen all the counselors do this week. They formed a “gauntlet” and were jumping and screaming as the neighbor kids entered the gym. The boys on stage were basically quoting us in the mic and did exactly what they had seen us do this week. We know that campers look up to their counselors, but it was so cool to suddenly see all these little “mini-mes” running around.”
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Outback Dominican Republic

“Isaiah 40:8 says, ‘The grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.’ While we are here for a short time, it isn’t about us. We are grass. Our position here is to walk with people during our time, wherever we are, and let the word of God be proclaimed and echo into eternity. That is what will last forever and radically transform hearts.”
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Posted Jan 9, 2017

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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