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Construction Updates Around Pine Cove

by Chelsea Connor


Since last summer, Pine Cove has been busy. Very busy. We have been building a brand-new camp (The Ridge), adding cabins in South Carolina (Chimney Point), renovating cabins at another beloved family camp (The Bluffs), and adding more castles (also known as Towers cabins).

First, here’s some awesome drone video footage of the Ridge, because this bird’s-eye view is seriously cool. (There’s no music, but feel free to add your own soundtrack.) We can’t wait to have campers here this summer!

Chimney Point may have opened less than a year ago, but this year we are already adding four more cabins so we can welcome four additional families per week!

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Bluffs campers have loved their newest building, The Point, ever since it opened in 2016 with its beautiful views of Lake Palestine. Now, nearly two years later, we are making more changes to the Bluffs! This summer, get ready for… renovated cabins! (Slow clap.) We can’t wait for you guys to see them this summer.

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Last but not least, we are adding a few new cabins at the Towers, to let in more elementary campers in East Texas. All of our cabins are cool, but can you really beat CASTLES?

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That’s a wrap for today! We are thankful for the Lord’s provision for so many of these construction updates. We can’t wait to have more families and campers this summer, and especially for that new high school camp in Central Texas!

Posted Mar 9, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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