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Dock Rock: A Camp Tradition

by Kyle Gore

Campers on banana boat

“The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off!!!”

Of all of the camp cheers and sayings we have here at the Shores, this has to be in my top five favorites! “The Dock stinkin’ rocks my socks off”! I didn’t know that someone could be able to put into words how I feel about this awesome Shores tradition in just seven simple words, but someone did. And whoever that someone is… I thank you!

Dock Rock is held every Thursday night at the Shores on beautiful Lake Palestine. It all begins with a “fly by” by our awesome boat drivers. It is so cool to see them whiz by as we all stand around amazed at God’s beautiful creation right before our eyes. Once the fly by is over, Dock really begins to start rockin’! All of the campers are split into three groups and get to spend some time with their cabin on the lake one group at a time. You can choose to tube, wakeboard, or take your turn on the banana boats. It is during this time where we get some really cool videos and pictures of our campers.

Campers on the lawn

You might be wondering what the campers that are in the groups that are not on the boats are doing during this time. Well let me tell you! During this time they could be stuffing themselves with pizza (YUM), taking a try at Spikeball with their counselor (OHHH), or even joining in on our Ultimate Frisbee game that is going on for all to see on our field (WHAT WHAAAT).

After all of the groups have eaten and had their time on the lake, we open up our gym, camp store, and even our pool for a little LATE NIGHT FREE TIME!!! This is a really cool time, because it is usually somewhat cool as the sun is going down at camp. So, although we are still probably sweating, we are not sweating near as badly with the sun almost down!

Our final activity that concludes Dock Rock is our worship session on the beach.

Campers worshiping

I cannot put into words how absolutely unbelievable it is to get to worship our great God as we look at the sun setting right in front of us. God does special things during that time of worship. I always look back at my times at camp and I remember vividly what the Holy Spirit did through the counselors who led worship at Dock Rock!

Dock Rock. If you haven’t experienced this awesome Shores tradition firsthand, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest that you do!

Posted Apr 10, 2013

Kyle Gore

Former Staff

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