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“Fall”-Themed Camp Names

by Anna Birch

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Camp names are supposed to embody the staffer’s personality while typically putting a smile on the face of anyone who hears it. Some names are just so memorable, we can’t stop talking about them! 

We thought since the weather is getting cooler, leaves are on the ground, and pumpkin spice everything is in the air, we would share a list of our favorite “fall-themed” names. Some have nothing at all to do with the season, but just seemed appropriate to add to the list! Enjoy laughing along with us as we imagine counselors introducing themselves to parents with these names!

For the classic feeling of fall…

Pumpkin Splash Latte
Catch Me If You Candle
Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tea
Pecan Pie

Here are even more pie names that you might enjoy:

Life is a Pieway
Skies Out Pies Out
Decent Pie
Beelime Pie
Speedy Pie
Bye Bye American Pie
Pie M Sea Bay
Princess and the Pie

And while we’re on the subject of food—if we could put together a full Thanksgiving meal with camp names, here’s who we’d choose…

Squash We Whip
Wavy Gravy
Nerf or Stuffing
Mean Green Lima Bean
Jolly Green Giant
A Few of My Favorite Greens
Hawaiian Rolls
Hurkey Turkey
Turkey Bike Girl  (Because you can never have too many “turkey” names.)

If ham is more your thing, we have plenty of that too!

Hamwise Gamgee
Ham Sandwich

And for fall activities…

PeeWee Football
Turkey Trot
God Bless the Broken Tailgate

Though these may or may not have to do with the season fall (your guess is as good as ours!), we still think these “fall” names are pretty funny!

Fallmark Groovie
Lactose Infallerance
Just a Fall Town Girl
Glass Half Fall
Falling With Style
Fall and Order SUV
I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Giddy Up
Have A Nice Zip, See You Next Fall

Posted Nov 6, 2019

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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