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Famous Pine Cove Skit Characters from the Past

by Pine Cove



Then: (1975)There are surely many early Pine Covers that remember Guitarzan’s strumming antics and yodels you could hear a mile away!

Now: No one is exactly sure what happened to Guitarzan, but we did uncover a huge surprise! Starting from a fluke shipment of recordings to The Netherlands in ‘79, his debut album became an unstoppable success and eventually was added to the national archives! Whoa! Unbelievable! We salute you, Guitarzan, wherever you are.

Paul Pusspocket

Then: (1997) Make no mistake, Paul Pusspocket was a raw force of nature. He ruled the stage like a snaggle-toothed grizzly bear. But he was funny!

Now: We caught up with Paul just about the same time his dental issues caught up with him. Enjoy the selfie he recently shared with us:

Paul Pusspocket looks frightened at the Dentist

Mr. Moose

Then: (1981) Mr. Moose has been a permanent fixture around the Woods for years. His dead-pan puns always had campers swinging from the rafters!

Now: You may find Mr. Moose’s current whereabouts pretty amoosing. While the Woods dining hall has been completely renovated, he never mooved. Our deer friend has stayed right above the fireplace. One peculiar thing happened though… he stopped talking several years ago, and to this day it remains a moostery why.



Then: (2003) Skit’lz’s first single defined the genre of “Laundry Rap,” and its success left us all wondering if what he said about the ghetto was really true.

Now: Life after blockbuster success isn’t always rainbow-colored. Skit’lz was taken to court by Mars, Inc. and sued for violating the copyright of Skittles candy. After a long legal battle he was eventually ordered to abandon his moniker. He’s now crowd-sourcing a new name and is confident that these trials will only make his rhymes better.

Pauly Poprocks

Then: (2008) The hardest rockin’, blog talkin’ character to ever grace the PC stage. Pauly entertained us with intensity and solid-state charm.

Now: Pauly now works for his uncle Bernie doing lawn care. See his most recent tweet and decide for yourself if he loves it!

“@paulypoprocks2008: My mower and me are like #RubberAndGlue”

Leroy Ponchetrain

Then: (2006) Tetherball lacked a driving force until Leroy came along! He single-handedly propelled competitive tether-sports into the mainstream.

Now: Leroy’s latest Facebook profile below is pretty telling about his future.


Posted Oct 24, 2017

Pine Cove

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