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Favorite Theme Night Costumes

by Chelsea Connor


At camp, we love costumes. Give us any excuse to dress up, and we are all in! Whether we are dressing up to be in a skit, to perform a birthday rap, or to participate in a theme night, we love going all out in the costume department.

This summer, we had some hilarious theme nights across all of our camps, and we thought it would be fun to highlight a few of our favorite costumes! This is just a small sampling of some favorites, but we hope it leaves you inspired as you look ahead to your next costume need! Some are complicated, some are just plain cute, and for some, it only took a little extra facepaint to take a normal outfit over the awesomeness edge.


Outback: OSPN. See what we mean about adding a little face paint?


Ridge: Toon Squad. All of the costumes in this picture are amazing, but clearly one is more a-moos-zing than the rest. We love it!


Outback: Board Game Bonanza. Three cheers for creativity!


Silverado: Dancing Through the Decades. These girls are ready for a dance party!


Ranch: Commando. We’re not sure if this picture even needs a caption? We’re just so obsessed with her hair!


Shores: Space Jam. First of all, we love the theme. Second of all, you girls nailed it!


Timbers: Astronauts and Bass Drops. Nothing quite says “astronaut” like space cats on a t-shirt, right?


Towers: Kidcredibles. Kids plus capes are always the greatest combination!


Towers: Pitch Black Attack. This classic costume is always a favorite.


Bluffs family camp: Maritime Madness. So, you guys like stripes?


Chimney Point family camp: Hip Hop Hoedown. When Dad rides a horse and we LOVE it!


Chimney Point family camp: Tiki Tacki In South Cackalaki. Giant leis and giant grins. It just doesn’t get better!


Crier Creek family camp: Under the Big Top. So impressed by this face paint job!


Crier Creek family camp: Noah’s Ark. Cutest little lion cubs!


Woods family camp: Blast from the Past. We think the ancient Egyptians would be proud!

We know we just barely skimmed the surface on these costumes from this summer, but we hope you are now inspired for your next costume party or theme night!

Posted Oct 23, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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