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Hunting Buffalo

by Chelsea Connor

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The Towers without Buffalo Hunt is like corn dogs without macaroni and cheese. It just doesn’t make sense!

Every week, campers and staff alike count down the days until the theme night of all theme nights: Buffalo Hunt.

Occasionally, during a simplified explanation of the planned evening, any first-timer to the game will feel a bit anxious. A mud pit? Rubber bands on my wrists? All 270 campers coming at me at once? Potentially chanting my name?

And yes, we were not exaggerating about the mud. You will be covered. My favorite part of the highlight video at closing celebration is hearing parents’ gasps as they see the way their precious ones have been fully immersed! Then of course, Pappy’s explaining away of the mud they will continue to find for many more days… It was “so worth it,” after all!

What is it that makes getting so dirty so awesome? As the final game of the week, Buffalo Hunt is the perfect way to celebrate the culmination of six full days of camp. While every theme night has a game involved, this one is different. It’s campers vs. counselors in the best sense, but everyone plays together. It’s exactly what playing with friends outside on a Friday night should be like! (Showers immediately following are a welcome bonus of course!)

Whether campers or counselors win this week, one thing’s for sure: Chief Running Nose will be proud. Maybe Princess Tiger Lily will even make an appearance!

Posted Jul 16, 2012

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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