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Important 2020 Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby

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The end of summer means exactly three things: 1. Camp is over (no, we’re not ready to talk about it yet), 2. School is around the corner (or maybe “distance learning” in the case of 2020!), and 3. There are lots of important dates coming up in the world of Pine Cove registration! We know it can be difficult keeping them all straight, so here’s a quick look at the big dates you’ll want to circle on your calendar.

Pre-Registration Ends: August 12

You likely were automatically pre-registered for next summer if you came to camp in 2020, but just in case you weren’t, August 12th will be the last day to save your 2021 spot! 

Family campers: you already know about your pre-registration deadline, but just in case you forgot, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-474-6326!

Begin Switching Sessions: August 19

Problem: you pre-registered for a session of camp that’s not going to work for your 2021 schedule. Solution: swap into a different week beginning August 19th! (August 18th for family camp.) As long as there’s availability, you’re golden. Youth campers can switch online, family campers can switch by calling us!

Youth Camp Open Registration: August 21

If you didn’t get a chance to pre-register for next summer, or you have friends who’d like to sign up for the first time, August 21st is the day to do it! It’s super easy to register online, or give us a call at 877-474-6326 if you’d like us to help you out. Either way: don’t wait too long! Many weeks of camp fill up like THAT (picture us snapping our fingers very loud and decisively—wow, what a snap) and we want to make sure your camper gets a spot! The best part is that signing up this early means you can get on a great payment plan that will spread your payments out into small, monthly chunks! Score.

Cabin Mate Codes Available: August 21

“Can my camper come to camp without a friend?” Absolutely! “What if my camper wants to come to camp with a friend?” No problem. On August 21st, you’ll be able to generate a cabin code, share it with your friend, and then we’ll make sure the two of you are in a cabin together! Need a friendship bracelet to seal the deal? We can’t help you with that, but here’s an easy tutorial we found online that should help.

Winterfest Registration Opens: August 21

Imagine: cold weather. A skit featuring the Grinch or Christmas elves or any number of holiday-themed characters. Pumped up worship music and learning more about Jesus. Christmas carols. Toss it all in a blender and you’ve got Winterfest, a ton of Pine Cove fun compressed into one awesome December weekend! You can sign up your 1st-12th grader beginning August 21st, so untangle those Christmas lights and get ready!

Family Camp Open Registration: August 27

Interested in coming to family camp? This is the date you need to circle in your calendar! In red! Throw an arrow on there. Do you have stickers? Grab the stickers! Whatever your method, the date you need to remember for family camp open registration is Thursday, August 27th. Give us a call at 877-474-6326 to reserve your family’s spot beginning at 8:30 (CST) that morning. Don’t wait long, because family camp availability is extremely limited! 

And while family camp registrations can only be made over the phone, you can help make the process smoother by creating an account on our website and adding all attendees before the 27th.

Blog Author’s Birthday: August 28

Listen, you can’t expect me to write about all the important dates occurring in late August and NOT let everyone know that my birthday is also in this exact time frame. So while it may not be as important as family camp registration, I feel it’s worth mentioning that August 28th is my birthday! So have a piece of cake in my honor, and help celebrate me.

Camp in the City Open Registration: February 2021

We’re hard at work scheduling a full summer of day camps at churches all across the southeast, and can’t wait to share those locations with you in January! Then before you know it, Camp in the City registration will be open, and you’ll be able to register by calling or going online. Want us to send you an email reminder when registration opens? Sign up for one here

Still have questions? Check out our registration policies for a ton of helpful information, or give us a call at 877-474-6326. We can’t wait to see you next summer!

Posted Aug 5, 2020

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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