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Inside the Forge

by Pine Cove


The question we get the most is: “So tell me about the Forge!” And while it is impossible to speak for all of us…

When I first considered an eight-month commitment, I was quick to make an excuse for why I couldn’t give up that much time. In reality, it is not “giving up” time. It is devoting time. It is setting aside the chaos of the world to build tools to be in the world (not of the world). Much like devoting time and energy to training for a marathon or nursing school or for battle, we train for things that are important to us. We train for things that require MUCH of ourselves. If we are dying to ourselves and laying our life in Jesus’ hands, we should be willing to commit to training for the Christian life. For a life of godliness. This is the Forge’s purpose!

The Forge is classified as a leadership program, but it is so much more than that. It is teaching and equipping Christians to lead by example. It is training them up to be men and women of God that do not conform to the patterns of the world. It teaches all types of life skills, but most of all it focuses on training Christians up in godliness.


The Forge is a beautiful picture of what living in godly community looks like. It is taking the time to be intentional with your brothers and sisters to refine what you believe about God, walk in your identity, and discover your giftings within your spiritual family. You are dedicating months to building healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual rhythms to equip you as you go out into the world. You will learn how to be a good steward of your time, space, wealth, relationships, education and giftings. You will study theology and doctrine, while openly discussing how to apply these Gospel truths to your everyday life.

I have so enjoyed getting to live in intense community with my “brothers” and “sisters.” We do a lot of life together where we are all continuously calling each other up in godliness. It is a gift to learn together, live together, and be challenged by each other. Similarly, our leadership is faithful to steward our short time here at the Bluffs so well. They deeply care for our well-being as we learn and grow into the identity the Lord speaks over us. They push and encourage us to lean into the tough refining of fellowship. Our teachers humbly approach the Word and hold it with reverence as they teach sound doctrine and theology in depth. We’re living, cooking, eating, learning, studying, singing, dancing, praying, and loving 32 other humans. What a sweet opportunity!


I’m only halfway through the program, but I have seen the faithfulness of the Lord over and over! I’ve seen Him answer the desperate prayers of my Forge siblings. He has spoken through His Word in both my individual study of the scriptures and our corporate study. I’ve seen Him provide not only for me, but for my brothers and sisters time and time again as our financial deadlines approach each month. He has shown His grace and kindness through His children as we love and encourage one another. I’ve learned to make disciples in every area of my life through His strength and power. I am grateful for the nearness of the Lord through every step of these four months!

– Michaela Drewry, Forge Student


Know someone who might be interested in applying to the Forge? Is that someone you? Click here for more information! We are accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year now!

Posted Dec 8, 2021

Pine Cove

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