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Introducing… Pine Cove City!

by Pine Cove

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“Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!”

That’s right campers, we’re bringing announcements back, and today’s is a BIG ONE!

Camp in the City. You know it. You love it. You wish it could happen all year long. (Honestly, us too).

Well starting today (that’s today!) you’ll know it by a slightly different name! Camp in the City is now… Pine Cove City!

It’s a new name, but it’s the same serious fun you’ve come to expect from our traveling day camp program. This new name is not only simpler, but also fits with the names of our other camps much better! So now they all match: Pine Cove Outback. Pine Cove Bluffs. Pine Cove City. BOOM! Change approved.

Let’s run through some Q&A’s.

Will you still be bringing Pine Cove to more than 100 different locations each summer? 
Are you still bringing loads of cool activities and awesome counselors with you?
Will one of those awesome counselors wear a giant clown wig just because?
We can’t say for sure, but you know what? Probably.
So just call it Pine Cove City now, instead of Camp in the City?

Pine Cove City. Refreshed. Simple. Ready to go. Let’s hit the road!

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Posted Feb 17, 2021

Pine Cove

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