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IWS: In Their Own Words

by Chelsea Connor


Pine Cove’s Outdoor Education program, the Institute of Wilderness Studies (IWS) quickly becomes an annual favorite for teachers who bring their schools out for overnight field trips. The hands-on science classes (TEKS-based) are top notch, the staff is excellent (and seriously fun!), and the facilities are fabulous.


We gathered some of our favorite quotes from teachers who have come to our IWS programs in Columbus and in Tyler, and here’s what they had to say:

“I love to talk to my students after our Pine Cove trip about what they found challenging. This year their answer was Teambuilding. They discussed how hard it can be to work together as a team and make a plan without talking over one another. This definitely made an impact on them, and we still talk about the strategies we used each time we do group work in class. This is such a wonderful activity!!”


“We had some first-time chaperones and we had some chaperones that have been to other camps. All were highly impressed with the positive energy, the knowledge of the teachers and the management of our students. This year was my third year coming and I am continuously thankful for the efforts that you strive for to have the knowledge of our science TEKS. This truly is an educational field trip and serves as a great hands-on review for our students.”


“One of our students informed me on the way to camp that he had never been camping and did not do things outside. He made sure his chaperone knew that he was extremely nervous and not sure he wanted to participate. This is a child who is extremely bright and thrives in the academic setting. He loved the outdoor classes but was fearful of activities like the barn swing, zip-line, and canoes. With the encouragement of your staff and impact they made, he attempted all of these activities and LOVED the whole experience. I know the welcome we received, fun at meal times, and relationships the staff made with our students allowed him to take these risks and do something he may never have the opportunity to do again.”


“One of our very emotional students was able to overcome some fears and reluctance to build relationships with other students. She had a smile on her face the entire trip and we rarely get to see that.”

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Interested in learning more about IWS? Check out our website for tons of pictures, a video, and program information, or feel free to contact us for more details.

Posted Sep 17, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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