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Leadership Weekend 2019

by Chelsea Connor


Here’s a peek behind the scenes: every camp and Camp in the City team has a group of leadership staffers who make things happen at camp. They have worked at least one summer (some have worked five!), and they have extra responsibilities during the summer. These are the head boat-drivers, the program directors, the senior counselors, head media, senior wranglers, work crew directors, worship leaders, and detail directors. To say we’d be lost without them is an understatement!

Leadership teams are chosen much like the rest of our staff are chosen: based on their eagerness to serve the Lord and to serve other staff and campers. Their humility makes them stand out among their peers, and while they know they don’t have all the wisdom in the world, they know the One who does!

The past couple of weekends, these teams have gotten together at camp to prepare for the summer! This includes vision casting, planning meetings, fun hangout times, and a lot of learning. They also spent time praying for their staff and campers this summer.

Here’s a picture of each team from the weekend. See anyone you know?

Posted Apr 8, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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