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More 2021 Camp Names We Love

by Valerie Morby


When it comes to fun and creative staff camp names, sometimes more is more! So we’re bringing you even more new favorite camp names from this summer! From the silly (“Bucket Head”) to the delicious (“Spicy Thai Chili Wings”), we’ve definitely got something for everyone. Check them all out below, then be sure to let us know your favorite ones in the comments!

Random Fun
ABC It’s Easy As I Can’t See
Vibe Check
Whoop Chicka Pop
Judge Jelly
No Money Honey
Bucket Head
Costume Malfunction Assumption
Silly String
Baptism Bandit
Lookup Papaw Ur in the EndZone

Mystery Meat
Beef Baby
Peanut Butter Baby, AH!
Kentucky Flied Chicken
Ave Carnita
Pop the Shrimp Grandma
Soggy Doggy Cereal
Spicy Thai Chili Wings
Fettuccine Alfriendzone
Chocolate Chip Mancake
Pulled York Jam-wiches
Quarter Flounder with Cheese
Corn Energy

Santa Claustrophobia
There’s a Santa in My Boot
Twas Dwight before Christmas

Cheese a Runna She a Trackstar
Blank Space
Every Veg I Make I Make A-Choo
Here Comes the Sun Wahoowa Hoo
Snake Rattle & Roll
Barked Out By the Lake

Brother Bear
Horse Swirl Fendergy
Gluten Frog
Saddle Up Your Horses
So Cow-ifornia
Horse Squirrel
Jesus Take the Whale

Skate! Who Shark Zoom?
WWE Smackdown v. RRRaaahhh
She Shoots She Snores
The Dallas Cornboys
Bear Brees Basketball Galatica
Alley Oops
Zoom Zoom Zoom
The Dunk that Flossed Away
Arizona Diamondquack

Posted Jul 27, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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