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New 2021 Camp Names We Love

by Valerie Morby


Summer 2021 started off with a bang when our summer staffers started showing up and showing OFF with some hilariously creative new camp names! We rounded up a few of the most standout, brand-new names hot off the presses. Take a look and try to decide which one’s your favorite—who knows, you could end up meeting them at camp this summer!

Starting off, here are a few names with GREAT stories behind them that made us laugh!

1. Despite the fact that she was homeschooled, her mom still found a way to suspend her—from homeschool! Name? Homeschool Suspension!
2. A girl from San Diego loves waffles, and told an embarrassing story about falling into sand on a hike. Name? Sandy Eggo!
3. One guy had an idea for a Dollar Shave Club—but for cheese. He tweeted and tagged Dollar Shave Club sharing this idea and saying that he would head this project for them. Dollar Shave Club responded to the tweet and called him Chief Cheese Officer. His name? Chief Cheese Officer, of course!
4. She hates spiders and is afraid of people with cataracts. So she got named Cataracnophobia!
5. She was born with three kidneys and is a HUGE fan of Disney Plus. Name? Kidney Plus!


Here are a few additional awesome new camp names:

Islands in the Stream
I Got Sunshine in the Chick-fil-A
Plank it Like a Chainsaw
Hopped off the Flame at LAX
Hakuna Brotata
These Boots were Made 4 Waxin

Kentucky Slurpee
Cabo San Pukas
Nebraskin’ for Directions
Houston, That’s Not a Mohawk
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Vibes
California Swirl
Florida Man Face Plants
MonTREEgo Bay

Movie Titles
Legally Blonde in One Eye
Ferris Bueller’s Day Golf
Cars 2 is Better Than Cars 1
Crocodile DunWii
Wreck It Ralph Lauren
Shark Boy and Volley Girl
Back to the Fluture
Series of Unfortunate Descents
Revenge of the Pitch

Pop Culture Characters
Slamwise Gamgee
Toe-gi Bear
Optimus Dime
Swagness Everdeen
Soaky St. James

Colonel Crawfish
Houston We Have a Parmesan
Strawberry Shortbake
Is a Milkshake a Smoothie?
How Bout Them Apples
I’m Married to Taco Bell
Sour Punch Wafflemelon
Big Bread Guy
Spaghetti Milk
Not all Heroes Wear Crepes

Random Fun
Teacher by the Dozen
DJ Roomba
Sweet Baby Rogaine
Barf Sparkles
Unicorn Hole
You Play Ball Like a Squirrel

Posted Jun 1, 2021

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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