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New 2022 Camp Names We Love

by Valerie Morby


The start of a new summer means a whole new set of seriously fun camp names for our staffers! And let us tell you—this summer’s staff brought their creativity with them with these names. From food puns and twists on song titles to silly Star Wars references and everything in between, we know you’re going to love checking out just a few of our favorite new names to come out of summer 2022!

Here are a few awesome new camp names:

Pop Culture/Movies
Meese-ka Moose-ka Mickey Mouse
Mr. Bark, I Don’t Feel So Good
Mickey Mouse Club Haas
Suite Heart on Deck
Frodo Swaggins
Oww-lvin and the Chipmunk
Harry Poppy and The Goblet Of Fire Ants
So You Think You Can France
Phantom of the POP-ra
Shmack to the Future Cruise
The Brittle Mermaid
The Little Ferb-Maid

Star Wars
Obiwawan Kenobi
Anakin Sleepwalker
Fly Me To Naboo
​​Obi-Wan Carnobi
Scar-2 D-2
Panickin Skywalker
Oboe-Wan Shoe-Nobi
Anakin Shred-walker
Revenge of the Myth

Daredeviled egg
Whole Milk
Penguini Rotini
Pocket Full of French Fries
Socklate Milk
Chicken Tender Bender
Claire Bear Crunch
Spicy California Roll
Honey Mut Cheeri-Nose
Peanut Putter Jaily Time
My Lil Cheeto Puff
Cloudy with Pants of Meatballs
Chef Curry
Red Snot Kissy Pepper
Little Rogue on the Dairy
Goat Popsicle
Bunny Popsicle
I’m a Cheddar Man

The Sharp of Something Blue
Panic! at the Crisco
Mr. Perfectly Fried
Check Yes or No You Don’t
Just the Way You Scar
Seeing Is Beliebing
Amazing Race How Tweet The Hound
Rewrite the Starbucks
Blimey a River
Bibbidi Bobbidi Spew
Rewrite The Starbuck Master Sparkles

Random Fun
Bump Set Splat
Fry in Peace I Guess
Noah’s Bark
Pink Sparkly Princess
Shady Orange Frog
My Car Runnith’ Over
Mrs. Me Jeans
You’re Still a Tater
Traitor Toes
Sour Punch Paws
Roasty Toasty Princess
This Little Piggie Went To The City
Lady LiberYEET


Posted May 31, 2022

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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