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New Activity Classes – 2022

by Jessica Anthony


Summer after summer our camp teams’ creativity keeps “Bumping the Lamp” when it comes to seriously fun activity classes. From new uses of current spaces to new equipment altogether, we can’t wait to share some of the newest activities that have been added this summer. Check them out!

Chimney Point – Splat Ball
The Impact (high school) guys’ hang time at Chimney Point just got cooler! Introducing Splat Ball! With “guns” that shoot orbeez-like balls at a safer-than-paintball speeds, you know the guys are having a blast at this new activity class.

Timbers – Lakeside Games
Timbers has added a fun new way to enjoy the water this summer with Lakeside Games. With options like fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, they can’t go wrong!

Ridge – Club Cube
Need a break from the summer sun? Get your groove on at Club Cube. The Ridge turned their racquetball court into a disco space with blue lights, disco balls, laser lights, and a ton of neon paint. Add in some noise-canceling headphones and they’ve created the ultimate silent disco space!

Ridge – Backyard Bash
Cooled off and ready to catch some rays? Hit the pickleball courts outside for Backyard Bash! Also known as the “Dunk Court,” this activity class has endless yard-game potential. You might even find a water balloon or two if you’re lucky…

Pine Cove City – Drift Trikes
Coming to a City site near you… it’s a bike, no it’s a trike, wait… it’s a Drift Trike! Built like a racing trike, but with low-traction rear tires, these drifters have been all the rage with our City campers.

Posted Jun 28, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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