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New Central Texas Program Staff – 2021

by Jessica Anthony

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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the newest additions to our Pine Cove Central Texas program staff! We are excited for you to meet them so let’s jump right in! 


Sam “Cool Cool Cool, Tight Tight Tight, Beans” Malouf: Sam “Cool Cool Cool, Tight Tight Tight, Beans” Malouf is the Site Director for Pine Cove City Team Jungle. His older sister calls him “Beans” and as a fellow summer staffer, was able to get that added to a quote from one of his favorite TV shows to give him this great camp name. Most days, however, he just goes by “Coolie B” instead. Sam said of his new role, “I am so excited! The opportunity to recruit college staff and build relationships really excites me and I am also very excited to really see Pine Cove City and the craziness that it is!” Sam is no stranger to crazy, though, as he has been coming to camp since he was a Towers camper and has worked a few summers at the Woods! His claim to fame? He’s from Arizona and also pretty good at Hacky Sack. (Prove it!) 


Kylie “Bonshorts” Witcher: Kylie “Bonshorts” Witcher is the new Women’s Director at Silverado. After reciting a French poem at her name game and claiming to only like “normal” shorts, “Bonshorts” or “Bonsho” for short (ha!) was sold! Kylie had not heard of Pine Cove until her sophomore year at Auburn, but as soon as her friends told her about “what God was doing at this amazing camp in Texas,” she decided she wanted to apply, and we are so glad she did! She says, “I love being a part of Pine Cove because through it the Lord has allowed me to see life change happen in campers and college students!” Fun fact: she tried to start a double-dutch jump rope team at Auburn, and while it never really took off, maybe we have a new activity class on the horizon for Silverado campers! 


Dax “Hook Line and Keeper” McKee: Dax “Hook Line and Keeper” McKee is the new Men’s Director at the Ridge. Dax was initially introduced to Pine Cove as a family camper and later became a youth camper before getting to work on summer staff. Of his new role he says, “One thing that brings me so much excitement about this job is getting to be a part of and a witness to the infiltration of the good news of Jesus Christ on the college campus through the equipping and empowering of our college staff.” Though he has lived in Houston most of his life, he is actually from West Palm Beach Florida and is a huge Florida Gator fan. Want to know more about his camp name? You’ll just have to ask this avid angler. Welcome to the Central Texas team, Dax! We think you’re a keeper!


Lindsey “Scroll Tide Scroll” Hindsman: Lindsey “Scroll Tide Scroll” Hindsman is the new Administrative Director at the Outback! Born and raised in Alabama, this Crimson Tide-loving gal has trouble pronouncing “squirrel” to the point her campers even call the famous activity class “the Flying Scroll.” Put that all together and you’ve got “Scroll Tide Scroll” or “Scrolls!” She is currently working part time for the Outback while she studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, for her master’s degree in biblical counseling. Scrolls will finish her degree online once she moves to Texas at the beginning of next year. She is looking forward to her new role and said, “I am pumped to hopefully bring a little order to the chaos that is camp and to serve alongside the wonderful full-time team and summer staff.” When asked for a fun fact about herself, she said “I love spoilers! Literally tell me the ending of a movie while I’m watching it and we will be best friends.” Well, here is a spoiler for you: we are so excited for you to be on the team! 


Jacqueline “Yippee” Schrock: Jacqueline “Yippee” Schrock is the new Women’s Director at the Outback! She is from Holdrege, Nebraska, and went to the University of Nebraska where she studied Child, Youth, and Family Studies. She got her camp name after sharing an embarrassing story of a formal set-up gone wrong to the “Yippee Chi-O” semi formal! She says, “I love it because there isn’t anything sweeter than middle schoolers yelling ‘Yippee!’ to get my attention!” Fun fact: she used to eat a slice of cheese every night before bed for almost eight years of her life! Her taste has changed, however, and her favorite camp store snack is a Snickers/Coke combo. When asked what she was excited about for her new role, she said, “I love this role so much because of all of the amazing college staff we get to work with. I couldn’t dream of a better job than getting to proclaim the name of Jesus to the next generation of believers!” Well said, “Yippee!”

It must be your lucky day, and it is certainly ours, because we are not done with the staff introductions! Since our initial publications, there have been more staff added to each region—stay tuned! 

Posted Nov 3, 2021

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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