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New East Texas Program Staff – Fall 2021

by Jessica Anthony


Welcome to the second installment of our seriously fun new program staff introductions! This week we are highlighting the staff from the East Texas region’s Woods, Ranch, City, and Timbers camps. Read how they were introduced to Pine Cove, how they got their crazy camp names (and what they actually go by), and what they are looking forward to most in their new role!


Kase “Optimus Crime” White: Kase “Optimus Crime” White is the new Site Director for City Team C. A camper since 5th grade, Kase has always admired the fact that the Gospel is truly at the heart of every aspect of Pine Cove. Being a long-time camper and a summer staffer at the Shores for four more, we know he had an answer to the favorite snack shop treat: Sour Patch Kids and Caddyshack Peace Tea. When asked what excites him about his new role with City, he said, “I think the mission of City is so impactful and I’m excited to partner with churches and minister to not only the kids that attend, but bring entire families into the church.” Now about that camp name… you could say he was a fan of the Transformers movies, is a naturally optimistic person, and may have gotten in trouble for trespassing in high school… but you’ll have to ask him! 


Remedy “Future Fallers of Bobtory” Applegate: Remedy “Bo-v” Applegate is the new Women’s Director at the Ranch! Her status as a former member of Future Farmers of America, an embarrassing fall out of a shuttle in college, and a made-up word (that you will just have to ask her about!) all came together to create this creative camp name. Coming from “a little town called Krum, Texas,” “Bo-v” was first introduced to Pine Cove her junior year of high school on a church retreat and knew as soon as she stepped foot on Shores property that weekend that she wanted to work at camp. When asked what she loves about Pine Cove, she said, “The Lord has used the ministry of Pine Cove to show me the ugliest parts of myself and has opened my eyes summer after summer to see more and more of His beauty, splendor, vastness, and kindness as a Father.” Amen! 


Audra “Tormater with the Ta” Metz: Audra “Mater” Metz is the new Woods Women’s Director! When asked about her camp name, she said, “I was unreasonably scared of storms growing up (past the “cute” age of being scared, if you know what I mean), and one time I got so scared of a really bad storm that I threw up.” Yikes! The second part comes from her shared love of the movie Cars with her younger brothers. “Mater” grew up as a Bluffs camper and said, “It has impacted me in every life stage I can remember. It has truly transformed my life.” That being said, she is most excited about the chance to pour into college girls while also being a part of the family camp ministry that she found so impactful. We love it! When not setting new world records (just ask Guinness!), she’s snacking on peanut M&M’s or frozen Reese’s! Welcome to the team, “Mater!” 


Hannah “Don’t Splash The Messenger” Terry: Hannah “Splash“ Terry is the new Timbers Administrative Director! Her camp name is a hilarious compilation of what were probably some very awkward moments all revolving around being asked out—sometimes even through Facebook Messenger! She also swam competitively from the time she was four years old until she graduated from high school, which adds the “Splash!” What surprisingly didn’t make it into the name was that she accidentally joined her college’s rowing team her junior year! Hannah is also a lifelong camper at Pine Cove, having gone to Crier Creek in Central Texas with her family since the year they opened. When asked what excites her most about her new role at the Timbers, she said, “To get to see the ways the Gospel transforms both staffers’ and campers’ lives!” We couldn’t agree more! Glad to have you! 

Stay tuned to meet our newest Central Texas staff! 

Posted Oct 20, 2021

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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