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New Pine Cove Gear

by Chelsea Connor


Since we specialize in summer camp, we are partial to a good summer accessory. Give us a cool and comfy T-shirt, a well-designed water bottle, and a stylish hat, and we are happy campers!

Every summer, campers and staffers alike line up at the camp store during free time, on the forever search for the coolest new Pine Cove gear, so we decided to give you a preview of some of our favorite things we are selling this summer!


Let’s start with the T-shirts. We couldn’t even pick one to show you, so we picked two! There are way more than just two new shirts, but we love thinking of all the ways these could mix and match in a summer wardrobe. Pair these comfy heathered canvas tees with black shorts, grey shorts, denim shorts, patterned shorts; the sky’s the limit! Can’t you just picture yourself wearing one of these while sprinting into the dining hall at lunch? Blue Camp Paddles Tee | Maroon Simple Texas Tee


We love a good campfire mug. While you might not have the chance to get good use out of one of these during camp, this would be the perfect mug to keep your morning cup of joe warm while reading your Bible out on your back porch. These mugs have a distinct heavier weight to them and a nostalgic camp-y vibe we can’t get enough of. Pine Cove Campfire Mugs


Is there anything better or more necessary than a trendy hat to keep the bright sun out of your eyes on a hot summer day? (We think not.) With a vintage chambray feel and a simple not-so-in-your-face Pine Cove logo, you may decide that one hat is just not enough. Good news: these hats come in four colors! PC Adams Hats: Royal | Burgundy | Teal | Poppy


You need a water bottle at camp. Need. You also need one in your car, in your backpack, in your kitchen, and on your nightstand. These insulated bottles will beat the heat, stay sealed, and (score!) keep you looking cool while you stay hydrated. Simple Modern Water Bottles


This was just a small taste of what we have in store this summer, and you can always do extra browsing online! We can’t wait to see all this gear out in the wild this summer.

Posted Apr 23, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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