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New Southeast Program Staff 2021

by Jessica Anthony


We have so many new faces this fall, we wanted to introduce them to you by each region! First up, we have staff from the Southeast region’s Chimney Point and the Springs. Learn how they got their camp names, some fun facts about them, and what they are most excited about for their new role!


Michael “Fast and Delirious” Miller: Michael “Fast and Delirious” (or “Deli”) Miller is the new Men’s Director at Chimney Point! Michael joined the Chimney Point summer staff in 2018 after the encouragement of someone he’d known since middle school: our very own Luke “Patches” Cummings. Having a heavy foot as a new driver, staying in the hospital for a brain injury, and “kinda” liking the Fast and the Furious movies led to Michael’s seriously fun camp name! When asked what he loves about Pine Cove he said, “I love the space created for campers to experience the Lord in a new way while growing. I also love the college discipleship that takes place.” Excited to have you, Deli! 


Lorissa “PG” Dollar: Lorissa “PG” Dollar is the Pine Cove Springs’ new Women’s Director! No stranger to the Southeast, she spent two summers at Chimney Point and one on City Team D (Delta). As a history buff, she is excited to work on a property with such a rich history. She said, “It’s so cool to know that the Springs property has been used by the Lord for decades to bring people closer to Him, and I get to play a small part in this property being used by Him for a long time to come!” Fun fact: she randomly started following Pine Cove on Instagram when she was in high school, but never thought she’d have the chance to work there since Texas was so far from her home in Kentucky! During her freshman year at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, however, she saw a Pine Cove tent on campus and ran up to the tent and asked for an interview! We are so glad she did!


Kyong “Heelys in my Feelys” Natali: Kyong “Heelys in my Feelys” Natali is the new Site Director for Pine Cove City Team Legacy! Kyong worked at the Timbers in East Texas the summers of 2018-2019 before coming to the Southeast to join City Team L (Legacy) as a senior counselor and then as the program director the next two years. Not many people know that he was born and raised in South Korea and that English is his second language! Never really knowing what “camp” was, he heard about Pine Cove from a friend at the University of Georgia and the rest is history! When asked what he was excited about for his new role, he said, “I am most excited about being able to show college students the importance of not only being part of a community that is composed of diverse believers, but also the importance of being part of a church body.”

Stay tuned to meet our new staff from our Central and East Texas regions! 

Posted Oct 14, 2021

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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