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Our Favorite Camp Names From 2018 (So Far!)

by Chelsea Connor


For anyone who has ever been on Pine Cove staff, even thinking about the classic “Name Game Song” will bring up a familiar feeling of excitement, anticipation, and creative juices flowing. It’s a feeling that never quite goes away. We like to call it serious fun.

The Name Game started this week at Training Week, and by the start of Week 1, all of our new staff will have their official Pine Cove names! We’re not quite there yet, but in the meantime, we wanted to tell you a few of our favorite names so far.

  1. He’s related to Cher. (Seriously!) He loves to run. Name: Cheriots of Fire.
  2. She wants the power of invisibility, and she really loves crocs. Name: In-croc-nito.
  3. He loves The Office, and has even performed his deep Office trivia knowledge in talent shows. He also happened to be wearing a t-shirt that made him look like a chair when he got named. Name: Office Chair.
  4. She has beautiful curly red (orange?) hair, and she is scared of heights. When asked what fast food she could eat for the rest of her life, she said orange chicken from Panda Express. Name: Orange Chicken.
  5. On his Pine Cove application, he accidentally put his contact number as his University’s Admissions Office. (Oops?) When his camp director called to offer him the job, the office had no idea who he was trying to reach. He also once led a pep rally with thousands of students who sat in silence. One might say it was an “impossible task.” Name: Admission Impossible.

Here are a few more names that we haven’t heard the stories behind yet, but still think are pretty amazing camp names:

  1. Biscuit Head
  2. Honoluwho?
  3. Get to the Floppa
  4. I Just Can’t Wait to be Ken
  5. Cheese Lightning
  6. Gelatoes
  7. Mawwiage
  8. Blob the Builder
  9. What are the Quads?
  10. TBD

We can’t wait to hear more awesome camp name stories over the next couple weeks, and if you’re coming as a camper this year, be sure to ask your counselor how they got their name!

Posted May 16, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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