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Peek Inside a Skit Closet

by Pine Cove


Pine Cove skits are legendary at camp. Throughout the years, thousands of skits have been performed during meals with even more skit characters taking the stage to entertain campers. Characters have unique combinations of clothing, put together from the skit closet.

Every camp, including Camp in the City teams, have their own skit closet, which consists of a combination of costumes, thrift store items, and props that are used in skits. Some of these items are donated by staff, some are purchased intentionally, and some of these props just sort of appear through the years! Here’s a peek inside a couple of our skit closets.

First up is the Woods’ hot dog costume, which is most recognizable from the Worst Wurst skit. For the most part, campers won’t see the same skit every year. There are a few exceptions, such as the infamous Worst Wurst. When he comes out, you say, “He’s the worst!”


Next is Bandana Santa. He’s an icon at the Towers and makes an appearance in this Santa-wearing-a-bandana-costume at every Christmas in July.


Masks, like this extremely weird baby mask from the Shores, and a Ronald Reagan mask (yes, we have questions too) often make appearances in skits.


Other popular skit clothes are wigs, giant glasses, sombreros, animal costumes, like the moose costume and dragon costume, and last but not least, acrylic paint, which is used as face paint and prop paint.

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Skits are meant to be quirky, weird, and hilarious. They also are meant to be part of the fun that helps break down walls at camp. If campers see their counselors being goofy and interacting with the crazy skit characters, it helps them trust their counselors even more and open up to them in later conversations. See what we mean about “seriously fun?”

Tell us about your favorite skit character or costume in the comments! We’d love to reminisce with you!

Posted Jun 12, 2018

Pine Cove

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