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Pine Cove City Summer 2023 Recap

by Karissa Pitaniello


Every summer, Pine Cove City loads up all of their awesome activities and Christ-centered staff to bring serious fun right to YOUR neighborhood! We’re still talking about all that the Lord did this summer as our staffers worked daily to share the Gospel with campers. Keep reading to see what our staffers had to say about this summer and get a glimpse of the fun that was had through some of our favorite photos!

“We had a camper this summer who was one of the children from a host home family. He had been a camper for the last two years, and the family is actively involved in their church community. Most of the staff knew the camper, and he was all-in from day one. On Wednesday, he pulled his counselor aside and started asking more questions about his salvation and why Jesus died for him. The counselor was surprised because based on the camper’s love for camp and his family’s involvement, he assumed the camper was already saved. However, as the camper continued to ask more questions, he accepted Christ on that day! He got to go home and tell his family, and then some of the staff got back to the host home and celebrated with them! It was awesome!

On Thursday, we had our Thursday night celebrations which included the church and host homes. The camper’s parents stood up and shared what happened and how much it meant to them. It was a touching moment to see the church community rally around this family and how camp served as a way for the Lord to work. 

This is probably one of my favorite stories from this summer. It illustrates the ministry of Pine Cove, the collaboration with the churches we work alongside, the impact of host homes during the summer, and the dedication of faithful people at faithful churches. In the end, it all points to Christ!”
– Brady “Dunks” Green, Pine Cove City Team E Site Director

“This summer the Lord taught me more about His immutability. He is always the same—even when working with eight different churches most weeks. God was God on every property! The Gospel was the same, campers were coming to know the same Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit was working and living through each staffer on every team. The logistics and details for teams were different, but each one pointed to the same glory and eternal hope we have through Christ!”
– Amber “Bungees” Gregg, Pine Cove City Administrative Director

“I always come out of the summer with more dependence on the Lord. This place is a continual reminder to me of the simplicity of the Gospel and the importance of abiding in the Word daily.”
– Katelyn “Sneezy” Uno, Pine Cove City Team G

“This summer I have learned what it looks like to live in full dependence on the Lord! I also have continued to learn a lot about how it’s not about me! Inside and outside of camp, every single thing I do should be done only for His glory!”
– Riley “Bread” James, Pine Cove City Team B

“The community that Pine Cove fosters has allowed me to understand true biblical community is. It’s shown me what Romans 12:15 (‘Rejoice with those who are rejoicing, weep with those who weep.’)  looks like. I have seen the Lord go before us and put the right people in the exact places they needed to be. I’m so grateful.”
– Jacob “Voly” Henderson, Pine Cove City Team L

“I grew so much this summer and am feeling so encouraged to take my boldness back with me wherever I go. I have been having really special quiet times with the Lord, as well as encouraging conversations in my clusters, and have felt surrounded by such a great community. I’ve been blessed continuously by my senior counselor and my campers. Not being able to come back next summer due to full-time nursing school makes me sad, but I do not see myself being done with Pine Cove forever. It has greatly benefited my life and my spiritual growth, and I could not be more thankful for the fire it lit in my passion for living my life in a Christ-like way daily.”
– Sydney “Tea-Hee” Sports, Pine Cove City Team G

We’ll never get over how the Lord uses us to be beacons of His light in this world. Pine Cove City 2023 was a blast, and who knows all that God has in store for next summer in a neighborhood near you! Until then, make sure to send this to someone who you think would be a great addition to the Pine Cove family and encourage them to apply!  

Posted Oct 30, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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