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Pine Cove’s In-Depth Guide to Closing Celebration and Pre-Registration at Youth Camp

by Mikayla CervantesPosted May 14, 2019


Updates for Summer 2020

We are evaluating our procedures to protect the health of campers, staff, and parents and to stay in line with the latest CDC and governmental guidelines. We’ll summarize our updates here and expand on them in the post as we have them.

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We hope you had a great week and we are excited to see you back for Closing Celebration! Upon arrival, we know you will be looking forward to seeing your camper and hearing about their experience. Amidst the excitement, you may have a few questions throughout the pick-up process.

When should I arrive?

You can check your closing ceremony time here. Different camps in the same region have different closing times so if you have multiple kids at multiple camps you can go to more than one closing. We’d recommend getting to your closing ceremony at least 15 minutes early. It can take awhile to walk from parking to the closing ceremony location, especially if you have toddlers with you!

Where do I go when I get there?

When you pull in the front gates, you will be greeted by our friendly summer staff who will direct you where to park. You can find your camper hanging outside with their friends and counselor or you might meet them inside once Closing Celebration starts.

How long does closing celebration last?

Plan on being there around an hour. You might be there a little less if you’ve got to get on the road or a little more if your campers just can’t part with their new camp friends! The actual ceremony lasts around 45 minutes.

What’s this clipboard? Should I pre-register for next year? What are the benefits?

As you gather by cabin, your camper’s counselor will hand you a clipboard with information to pre-register for next year. If you know your camper is absolutely going to return, we recommend pre-registering. The majority of our weeks fill up quickly and this is the only way you are guaranteed a spot for the following year! Pre-registration also allows you to get on a payment plan earlier, which helps a lot of our families spread out the cost throughout the year. Final bonus: they get a cool pre-reg gift just for signing up on-site!

That sounds good, but what if my summer plans change?

We understand summer schedules change from year to year. Pre-registration locks your camper in for the week they attended in the region they attended, but you can switch to another available session between August 21, 2020 and August 23, 2020 at no additional cost before the general public can register. Plans change after those dates? No problem! You can still switch anytime during the year as long as there is an available spot. You can do this by going online to your account or by calling our registration department at (877) 474-6326.

Can I cancel after pre-registering?

Let’s be clear: if you are not sure that pre-registration is right for your family, don’t feel pressured to pre-register. However, if you do pre-register and change your mind, you can cancel before August 12th and receive a refund for anything paid thus far. After August 14, 2020, the $200 deposit is non-refundable.

I’m just not sure!

It’s okay! You have until August 14, 2020 to decide if you want to pre-register. It’s convenient to do it on property but you can go online or call to get pre-registered anytime before August 12th. 

What if we have a friend who wants to be in the same cabin as my camper next year?

Sounds fun! If your camper’s friend has never come to camp before, make sure they go online and register on our open registration day, August 23, 2020. Once they are registered you can go through the cabin mate request process and get in the same cabin. Is the friend already pre-registered? Great! Exchange contact info with their parent or guardian and on August 21st you can submit cabin mate requests to get your campers into the same cabin.

What’s a CQ? Is it important?

At the end of Closing Celebration, your child’s counselor will gather the cabin and encourage each camper by pointing out strengths they saw in them throughout the week. We call these “CQs” or “Character Qualities.” It’s pretty special for a lot of our families and is something campers look forward to from year to year. You’ll receive a digital copy via the CampLife app!

What if I have multiple children at camps with the same Closing Celebration time?

We have a lot of families in this situation. Our advice is to divide and conquer, sending one parent or family member to each camp, starting with your youngest camper. It’s helpful to let your older campers know you may not be there right at the start of closing since you’ll be coming from another camp. If you let the later camp know ahead of time they can even have your camper go last for CQs.

If you’re unable to do so, no worries! Our counselors will take good care of your camper from drop off to pick up, so they’ll stick with them until you arrive!

What do we need to make sure we do before we leave?

After CQs, pre-registration, and goodbyes, you will want to make sure you do a few things before you leave. The biggest ones are picking up your camper’s meds, checking the lost and found, and picking up their luggage. We don’t need your camper’s stuff anymore! The camp store is open with drinks, snacks, and Pine Cove merch if you want to pick something up. If you have any other questions or need anything before you head out, find someone in a Pine Cove Closing Day shirt or a Pine Cove polo – they’ll be happy to help!

Mikayla Cervantes

Communications Coordinator

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