Scenic view of trees at camp

Georgia On Our Mind – Podcast Season 2, Episode 12

by Pine Cove


It’s our season finale, and we’ve got BIG news from our President and CEO Reed “S.I.” Livesay about our Pine Cove Next strategy. (Hint: our episode title is a clue…) Our Gamemaster joins us for one last Name Game Game and one of our hosts takes their first spin around the Wheel of Consequences. And you won’t want to skip out on the ending of the show, when we debut our new song, “Camp is Here!”

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One of the Monsters from the Birthday Rap

Are you *speaking* *human* *language*? Then buckle up! Because today’s episode is brought to you by one of the monsters from the birthday rap. If you’ve recently been to an alternate dimension, then you may know these monsters don’t mess around. If you are looking for a 15-fingernailed, 45-eyeballed, mustard-eating, bass-dropping, FLAMINGO DJ – they’ve got you covered! Birthday Rap monsters: telling you to come a bit little closer since 1975.

Posted May 13, 2021

Pine Cove

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