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Podcast Season 3, Episode 1

by Pine Cove

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We NEVER STOP JUMPING on opening day! Today we’ll hear from Austin “Homestar” Langemeier about Silverado’s opening day traditions and learn how Noah “Beef” White received his well done camp name! To finish up our episode, Christin Sharpe will share her experience as a Pine Cove mom.

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Camp Oatmeal

Ever been on the week 5 grind and realize you’ve eaten more potatoes at breakfast in 5 weeks than you have in your whole life combined? Ever been sitting at breakfast thinking, “I once really liked these starchy delicacies…” If you’re ready to part ways with your potato days, we have a solution for you: Camp Oatmeal! You can go plain Jane if you wanna keep it simple, spice it up with some brown sugar if you’re feeling adventurous, or smother it with some tart cranberries that really pack a punch. You’ll never look back to your potato days with camp oatmeal—just don’t make it clumpy.

Posted Apr 12, 2022

Pine Cove

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