Scenic view of trees at camp

Podcast Season 3, Episode 10

by Pine Cove


We’ve got so much serious fun in store for you in our season 3 finale! Hosts Fish Face and Rents go head to head in a game of Code Word and hear an incredible name game story (there’s a name hint in the title of this episode!). Bluffs camp director Coleman “Busta Rhyme” Ross stops by to discuss how staff learn problem solving-skills at camp, and Silverado’s Bailee “Flythagorean Theorem” Johnson tells us how she made her way to serving on staff at camp! Finally, one year after he first joined us on the podcast to announce a brand-new Pine Cove camp in Georgia, President & CEO Reed “S.I.” Livesay returns to fill us in on all things Springs as we finally get ready to open our new camp in the Southeast!

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Episode Sponsors

Pine Cove City

Summer camp is just too awesome to keep to ourselves, so we’re bringing it out on the road with Pine Cove City! We’ve partnered with churches all across the southeast US, from Texas to the east coast, to bring the Pine Cove experience to a neighborhood near you! It’s the same great fun, and the same amazing college staff who love Jesus, all packed into DAY CAMP! Click HERE to see locations and pricing. 

Cowboy Hats 

Today’s episode of the Pine Cove Podcast is sponsored by cowboy hats. You may work at a lakeside camp that doesn’t even HAVE horses, but that’s not gonna stop you from jumping on the latest camp trend! Benefits of rocking a cowboy hat could include sun protection and showing your Texas pride, but let’s be honest: you’re wearing one because you didn’t wash your hair last night. Cowboy hats: you’re not a REAL cowboy, but you’ll sure look cute when you’re putting away dishes on clean side.

Posted May 12, 2022

Pine Cove

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