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Podcast Season 3, Episode 4

by Pine Cove


BUMP THE LAMP – Actually, we broke it! Shores staffer Erin “Ear Beans” Bixler tells her tasty name game story! We interview Chris “Broflex” Boddy about our long-standing integrity motto: bump the lamp! Emmy “Jeanie” Tane shares about how a Georgia girl ended up in Columbus, Texas working at Silverado, hosts Caroline and Dexter untwist words in Mad Gab: Pine Cove edition, and Madeline “Fork” Lloyd shares about how her time at Silverado prepared her for a full-time job!

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Calling all Pine Cove staff alumni! Has it been too long since someone called you by your camp name? Do you miss jumping three phone books high every Sunday at camp? We want to connect with you! In fact, we even started a monthly email just for you, packed with throwbacks, devos, and more! Not getting it or need to update your contact info so we can send you our magazine? Head to to update your info and get plugged into a network of more than 7,000 Pine Cove staffers. 7,000? Let’s count ‘em! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11….

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Posted Apr 21, 2022

Pine Cove

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