Scenic view of trees at camp

Podcast Season 3, Episode 8

by Pine Cove


At camp we like to JUMP, PIVOT, ROCK, and SPRING! Hear from Kelley “Edelweiss” Mathews about her career after working for Pine Cove in the 90s! We talk to our Southeast Vision and Strategy Officer Bill Wellons on the process of acquiring and starting the Springs. Shores staffer Molly “Gig and Run” Martin shares her memories as a fifth grade camper and the impact of discipleship then and now as a counselor. Smilin’ and Rents go head to head in a seriously fun game of 100,000 Cone Pyramid, and then we wrap up the episode hearing about relational bandwidth from Timbers Director Taylor “Roctober” Gembol!

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Do you know an awesome college student who is passionate about Jesus who you think would be a great fit for Pine Cove? Tell them they need to apply to work on summer staff. We are looking for college-age men and women to partner with us in making an impact on the lives of kids and families at summer camp all for the glory of God. Head to for more information and tell them to apply.

The Top Bunk 

This episode of the Pine Cove Podcast is brought to you by the top bunk. Few pieces of camp real estate are more desired—or cause more running to cabins on opening day—than the top bunk. Gain one and you’ll be a king surveying your cabin domain from on high. End up in a bottom bunk and you’ll suffer like a peasant actually having an easy time getting in and out of bed. Top bunks: just try to make it neat for Pit ‘n’ Palace.

Posted May 5, 2022

Pine Cove

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