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Podcast Season 3, Episode 9

by Pine Cove


We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout YOU? Today on the podcast you’ll get to hear the secret to winning the Spirit Stick at Pine Cove—just don’t tell anyone we told you! Hosts Smilin’ and Pikapoo play a Name Game Game, plus Pine Cove City counselor Hannah “Ravenclog” Young tells us one of her favorite camper stories from the summer. Finally, Crier Creek Director TJ “Philly” Connor explains the importance of optimism in leadership!

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The Forge

If you are 21 to 27 years old, or know someone who is, this message is for you! Apply to the Pine Cove Forge to deepen your faith and learn to be a true imitator of Christ. This eight month leadership development program will help you develop a faith worth following alongside a community of believers as you study, serve, and complete a 10 day study tour of Israel. With transferable graduate level credit to 3 different accredited institutions to Forge is exactly what you’ve been looking for to help you mature and grow like never before. Join us in our journey as we live, work, and travel together. Learn more at

French Braids 

This episode of the Pine Cove Podcast is brought to you by French Braids. Ever been frustrated by the blazing sun, sweeping wind, and your hair flying in your face while you try to enjoy your ride down the zip line? Ever gotten out of the pool and realized it will take an entire bottle of detangler to solve the problem you’ve gotten yourself into? Well look no further than the latest camp craze – the camp French braid. You may think this is just a regular French braid, but it’s so much more. These are braided just for you between the morning spirit stick brainstorming session and rapid fire cleaning for Pit N Palace. Get your camp french braid. Easy. Breezy. Braided.

Camper Mail 

Today’s episode of the Pine Cove Podcast is brought to you by… CAMPER MAIL! We hand your camper a blank piece of paper, and they hand us back a letter to be scanned and uploaded to the app for YOU to see! And with kids involved, you know things might be a little less heartfelt than you might want. Top hits include,“Hey Mom! What’s with the no candy? Not to complain, but I’m waiting!” And, “Charge my iPad please!” Plus, who could forget, “Dear mom, I do not miss you at all, Love Davis.” Send YOUR kid to camp so you too can hear how they’re having too much fun to miss you. Camper mail: how else would you remember to charge the iPad?

Posted May 10, 2022

Pine Cove

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